Do You Brush Your Teeth With Rat Poison?

In case you did not know, when you drink fluoride in water you are drinking something that was once used as rat poison. Before it became popular as a way to fight cavities, fluoride had been used as an insecticide as well. The era that decided fluoride was good for us is the same one that promoted cigarettes as soothing to the throat. Fluoride is a by-product of aluminum, copper and iron manufacturing.

The whole idea of fluoride preventing tooth decay was the result of a public relations stunt. By whom – the aluminium companies of course. Their whole idea was to figure out how to get rid of fluoride. Surprisingly the study funded by them came up with the idea that fluoride was good for us.

The largest ever study about fluoride and dental health was conducted in the U.S. Using 39,000 school children, the study concluded there was no difference in the rate of tooth decay between children who used fluoride and those who did not. The studies were conducted in 84 separate areas of the country. Fluoride is a pollutant that contains aluminum.

Did you know aluminum is found in Alzheimer’s patient’s brains? Not only that but fluoride has been shown to cause neurological effects as well as the mobility of joints. Many countries that do not add fluoride to their water such as Austria, France, Sweden and Denmark have had lowered instances of tooth problems. So how does this happen?

The better dental hygiene that we practice, the better shape your teeth are going to be in. Improved dental visits will also add to the decline in tooth decay. The most obvious answer is the care we are taking with our teeth. This has become more of a focus along with improved health.

One of the saddest statistics of all is the link between fluoride and the number of deaths attributed to this chemical. Nearly 10,000 each year can be positively linked to fluoride fatalities. Bone cancer is on the rise among men. This is also linked to using fluoridated water.

Fluoride in drinking water is naturally being downplayed by the government and state agencies. Even with the conclusive evidence from studies showing the harm that fluoride can cause the human body, there is still their claim that it is great for your teeth. Why would the government claim this fact that is not in evidence? Maybe it is due to the fact that should they admit they know fluoride is bad for you, the number of lawsuits would be astronomical.

Now that you are armed with this information think about this fact. It is very ironic that the exact treatment that is supposed to keep our teeth in good shape actually will destroy them. If too much fluoride is used, it can actually cause your teeth to turn black and crumble. According to experts too much is any amount because of the death and disease fluoride in water has caused to date.

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