Do You Know About the Best Omega3 Fatty Acids?

Most people by now, have read or heard about the benefits to us from using the best Omega3 fatty acids. These benefits include the benefits to our heart, the way our brain uses them, the fact that they are an effective anti-inflammatory. The way that they benefit our skin and our hair. It also aids our digestion.

There is arguably no other natural remedy that gives us so much for our money. The best Omega3 is without doubt, the cheapest health insurance you can buy.

The best Omega3 is used by our brain in vast amounts. You see our brain has about twenty grams of DHA fat in it. These fats help us to maintain a healthy mental outlook. They also help our memory and they aid our memory recall function. They also help to keep us from having emotional disorders, such as bouts of depression and more.

Now, the best Omega3 fatty acids help our heart by helping to reduce the severity of heart attacks. These fatty acids help us by thinning our blood and helping to reduce our blood pressure. The fatty acids help to prevent our platelets from sticking together and reduce the chances of them forming clots and causing a heart attack or stroke.

Now, we will discuss the fact that Omega3 is a natural anti-inflammatory. There have been big leaps in the research and development field. One New Zealand company has even doubled the anti-inflammatory properties of their Omega3 /DHA fish oil. This is expected to alleviate even more of the pain and the swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory type diseases.

Please, no matter what you do, do not buy an Omega3 fish oil that has not been through the process called molecular distillation to remove the impurities. These impurities like lead, mercury and the PCBs are the most dangerous toxins you can imagine.

The PCBs alone cause cancer, while the mercury causes psychological type disturbances. Once the oil has been through this process, the remaining oil is the purest oil you can buy.