Do You Know About the Threat Posed by Chloramines in Our Drinking Water?

It constantly amazes how many people fail to recognize the threat posed by chloramines in drinking water, even though we have been inundated with reports of the danger for years.  Too many of us depend on the Environmental Protection Agency and the wastewater treatment facilities to guarantee our safety from what is in our water supply.

The fact is that the wastewater treatment centers are ill equipped to protect you from the contaminants that we now face.  There are literally tens of thousands of chemical contaminants that have found there way into our system either through careless disposal by private citizens, faulty storage, agricultural run-off, or by the blatant disregard of large companies that dump their industrial waste directly into our lakes and rivers.

Chloramines in drinking water are known to have a carcinogenic effect when ingested by humans, but they are just a drop in the bucket so far as cancer causing agents in our water supply go.  Of all of the chemicals present in our water supply 2,100 of them are known to cause cancer.  All of these agents threaten to affect your family at some point in their lives.

Of course, toxic chemical agents are not the only things that you have to worry about when it comes to the water that you drink.  It is just that chemicals pose the biggest threat due in most part to there overwhelming numbers. There are also traces of toxic heavy metals such as lead and copper, as well as the parasitic agents that survive the municipal disinfection cycle. 

It is due to the threat that these parasites pose that made chloramines in drinking water necessary in the first place.  These microbes are so dangerous that at one time they were wiping out large portions of the population.  The introduction of chlorine disinfection of our water supply greatly curtailed their effect on man, but did not wipe it out entirely.

The disinfection of our drinking water is a necessary process, but the only chemical agents that we have on hand that will do an efficient job are the members of the chloramines family.  Whether we like it or not, until a better solution can be found we have to take measure to protect ourselves.  This is my suggestion on how to do that?

In order for you to be protected from the effects of chloramines in drinking water and other harmful entities you will be required to purchase and install a home water purification system that utilizes multiple interior filters.  The four that you need are an activated granular carbon filter, a multi-media block, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange unit.

These four filters will remove 99% of the cancer causing chloramines in drinking water, as well as all of the other contaminants that were discussed earlier.  There is simply no better defense than a high quality system armed with these weapons to defend your family against the possibly tragic effects of the pollutants in our water supply.

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