Do You Know Someone With Bad Breath?

Have you ever found yourself face to face with someone with bad breath and they don’t even have a clue that their mouth is emitting a foul odor? Dental hygiene can be a contributing factor but there are also other reasons someone may be suffering from this problem. According to surveys, the smell ranks among the most repulsive odors known to man, so it is in our best interest not to be a victim.

When talking to someone with a foul-smelling mouth, it takes a lot of effort not to show any reaction of disgust on our face. However, it would also be a nice gesture to inform the individual concerned about their oral problems. The confrontation can be quite awkward but it will save the person from future embarrassing situations.

If you realize that you have bad breath, you should take the necessary measures to remedy the situation right away. Most cases of bad breath result from the practice of inadequate dental hygiene, and can be eliminated by simply brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily and using an alcohol-free mouthwash after. However, there are also some bad breath problems that have progressed into the more advanced stages. These may require professional treatment from a qualified dentist or periodontist.

Our noses are naturally desensitized to our own internal odors, which is why most people who have bad breath are really not aware of their condition. If one of your friends or anyone close to you does have bad breath, consider it your duty to tell them about it in a helpful manner. Some cases are actually symptoms of a serious underlying illness, and by notifying your friend, you might actually be helping them with a health issue. Of course, you have to exercise prudence because this may not be the most appropriate approach for people you do not know very well.

The best way to tell a person that they have bad breath is to do it gently and in a private place. Make sure that you have a close and comfortable relationship with the person before bringing up the topic. Otherwise, they might feel offended. They will of course be embarrassed as being told anything negative brings a sense of low self esteem into our being. A safe way of introducing the subject is to offer the person a piece of breath mint or gum. You can even say it jokingly, but do make sure they understand that the situation is very serious and can potentially be dangerous to their health.