Do You Overeat For These Reasons? – You Can Now Take Control of Your Eating Patterns

Like so many people you may overeat due to emotional stress. It could be that your childhood wasn’t the best or even worst, positively damaging. Speaking from experience I know that it can be a real struggle getting past the damaging stuff that happens, but it is necessary to take control and take back power for your life; and yes I know, that statement is much easier to write than it is to put into practice. It is also true that perhaps that process may take a long time, but with the support of even just one person and a determination to forge ahead and not let those who have robbed you of positive childhood experiences win, you can indeed overcome excessive overeating.

This is perhaps a real touchy subject for so many people, as they don’t like to think of the bad stuff happens in life. Unfortunately, this seems to be a reality of life today. Use these events of your past to drive yourself forward to create a fantastic life. Some people will obviously find this very hard to do, still for many of us, although we have succeeded in living a positive life, it will be an ongoing process to take control, and not to let ourselves to be swamped with negative thoughts.

If you have piled on the weight due to comfort eating, no need to blame yourself, just remember that the past does not have to dictate your future. You are now in control, you now have the power, use it to your benefit. Today, you have the choice to live your life well. I once heard a saying that the best revenge is living well, how true. All the pain and hurt inside can be channeled positively so that, you do indeed win, despite them all!

So although you may overeat due to emotional damage, it is important to look at your ‘cup’ as half full, rather than being ‘half empty’. You can now do anything you choose to do, including getting your eating habits under control. You can choose to allow past events to control your thoughts and life daily, or turn it around and use those very same painful experiences to motivate you and drive you forward toward success.

My hope is that this small article will help you to remember that you do indeed call the shots. You are not alone in experiencing bad stuff, indeed there are many people who, despite the most horrible experiences, have not given in, but have taken back their power and succeeded, sometimes against great odds. So if you have been hiding behind your body weight, overeating or any other excessive behaviour, come out, take back your personal space and power and move on to success.