Do You Recognize the Need to Remove Chloramine From Water That You Drink?

The EPA and the municipal wastewater treatment facilities may not tell you outright, but even they recognize the need to remove chloramine from water. This chemical comes from the same family as the chlorine that is typically used in order to disinfect your drinking water. It is also one of the chemical agents that is often used in swimming pools.

Many municipal treatment centers are making the switch from using chlorine as the principal disinfectant to using this chemical instead. Chloramine is considered to pose less of a health risk than chlorine does, and it is known for being more stable. While chlorine typically breaks down as it travels towards your home, chloramines will remain at full strength.

This makes the need to remove chloramine from water even more important, because while chloramine is considered the safer of the two chemicals it is only slightly less dangerous. While the chemical remaining at full strength all the way to your tap is better for preventing the spread of waterborne diseases, it means that the dose of the chemical that you will receive will be larger. This means that it will pose every bit as much of a threat to your health as the current disinfectant does.

The reason that these chemicals need to be removed from your water is because they are carcinogenic. Since the introduction of chemical disinfection the cancer rate has climbed at an alarming rate. Many medical professionals see a direct correlation between the inception of the chlorine disinfection process, and the time that the rate of cancer began to climb.

Of course, the need to remove chloramine from water only slightly outweighs the need to block the 2,100 other carcinogenic chemicals present in our water. The reason that I have singled out this disinfectant chemical is due to the fact that you will only get traces of these other chemicals in your system every once in a while, but you will ingest chloramines every time that you drink tap water.

The answer to your problem is a simple one. All that you need to do it purchase and install a countertop, or under the counter, water purification system. You want to ensure that the model you get employs multiple filters for eliminating all of the various categories of contaminants present. You need a system that utilizes four filters in all.

To remove chloramine from water along with all of the other chemicals present you will need an activated granular carbon filter, and a multi media block. Any traces of toxic heavy metals can be taken care of through the inclusion of an ion exchange, and parasites and cysts that somehow manage to survive the chemical disinfection process can be removed using a sub micron filter.

A unit that features this collection of filters is all that you will need to effectively remove chloramine from water, and eliminate all other sources of danger as well. Be smart. If you value your health, the installation of one of these appliances should become one of your top priorities.