Do You Think Water From a Tap is the Best Water For You?

Trust me when I say that it is not the best and you might want to look at buying something for your home that will give you better quality water. I was very surprised when I got a letter from my water company saying that there were elevated levels of lead in their water.

I had seen all the stories on the television and read the internet about bottled water, but it never occurred to me to question the water that was coming from my faucet until I got this letter. I decided to look into this more and see what I could find and when I did I was a little upset.

What I found was a little surprising to me. I found that there a lot of quotes saying that there are problems with drinking water in the U.S. A former EPA chief even said that our way of guaranteeing safe drinking water is broken and needs to be fixed. The Ralph Nader Research group found that the U.S drinking water contains over 2,100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer.

This is just a couple of the many quotes that can be found online. There are also comparison charts showing how each model of home purifying system stacks up against each other. There are some interesting facts about some of these systems that anyone looking to buy one should know.

The ultraviolet radiation type can only kill organisms and cannot get rid of the toxic chemicals that are found in water. Reverse osmosis does not remove all the contaminants that are in water and has a terrible flow rate. Some of the systems are big and bulky and take up a lot of space. Many of the companies cost over 300 dollars and the highest one I found was over 750 dollars just to buy the basic system. After that, the maintenance costs add up to even more money for these systems.

I do not know many people who can drop that kind of cash for a system in this economy. I know I cannot and will not pay that much for a system.

I researched and decided on a system that in comparison is the best system on the market and does it directly from the manufacturer. I was able to cut out the middle man which allowed me to get it at a very low price which I can afford. Check out my website today to see what company I am using for my family.