Does Going Vegetarian Help To Reduce Weight?

Will going vegetarian help in dropping weight? There is no simple answer to this question. It all boils down to whether you are burning more fat and calories than you are consuming, irrespective of whether you eat meat or not. Weight loss is possible whether you are on a vegetarian diet or a meat based diet. Apart from that, whether going vegetarian will actually help lose weight is still under scrutiny by researchers.

That being said, what research has found is that people who follow a vegetarian diet, on an average consume about 500 calories less daily as compared to their omnivorous counterparts (non-vegetarians). Also, the research revealed that vegetarians actually ate higher quantities of food than non-vegetarians. This is mainly because a healthy vegetarian diet comprises mostly of complex carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates are rich in fiber, starchy and naturally low on calories and fat. Thus even when you consume higher quantities of food in a vegetarian diet, the overall fat or calories consumed is less. Also, when you consider the 500 fewer calories one consumes on a vegetarian diet, the total adds up to a deficit 3,500 calories in a week. A 3,500 calorie cut is equivalent to one pound of weight lost.

Many studies and researches on weight lossand vegetarianism have come out with the following findings:

Vegetarians have a lower probability of being obese or overweight than non-vegetarians.

Giving up red meat helps to lower body weight.

It is still unclear whether going on a vegetarian diet will actually help lose weight, though there is still some evidence that it helps in weight loss.

Going on a vegetarian diet can result in small weight losses and over time they become more significant.

Experts suggest going vegetarian or increasing plant foods and reducing animal products will help to control weight.

However, eliminating meat does not necessarily lead to weight loss because it is replaced by other foods. What is required is that you plan your meals. Replacing meat with milk or cheese or junk food will only mess up your weight loss plans. When you opt for a vegetarian diet to lose weight, make sure you include a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains so that you get all the nutrition you need. Also you need to be careful about how the food is prepared. Fried vegetables and high fat casseroles are a strict no. Opt for steamed, boiled, grilled or sauted vegetables instead. BOLA TANGKAS