Does Mother Nature Produce the Best Hair Loss Products?

For decades men and women have been looking for a way to try and cure their hair loss through surgery and medication, but all the while it looks like nature has been providing the best hair loss products all the time. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying surgery does not work, but it is rather expensive and can be painful too. Medication can work as well, but quite often because it is targeting testosterone production it can have unwanted side effects such as impotence.

To understand how nature can help we firstly need to understand how the most common form of hair loss occurs. The body produces testosterone and some of this runs free around the body, the body also produces an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase. When the two meet they create DHT and people who are genetically sensitive to DHT have scalps where it will attach and thin out the follicle until there is no more hair there.

But fortunately there are minerals and herbs that can target the DHT, testosterone and 5 alpha reductase and help reduce the effects they have on the hair., plus combine them with certain vitamins that promote healthy growth and you should see some results. The following list is just a small example of what can help prevent hair loss:-

Saw palmetto is a herb that is heavily linked with mens health particularly the prostate but what it also does is is suppress protastic DHT by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase.
Nettle root also promotes prostate health and when used in conjunction with saw palmetto it is believed this mops up free testosterone that is in the body.
Zinc is essential to make sure the enzymes function properly in the body but what it also does is inhibit 5 alpha reductase.
Magnesium, while it does not target any enzyme or hormone, magnesium is essential for building muscles, nerves etc.. Because of the way our food is produced now most people are lacking in this mineral.
Vitamin B6 is important to stimulate hair growth, because it is essential for protein and red blood metabolisation and also getting more oxygen into the bloodstream which again is vital. Plus it is believed to help the body withstand stress and stress has been linked with hair falling out.
Biotin, although this is vitamin H it is actually derived from vitamin B and is absolutely essential for growing healthy hair.

So all of these are potentially the best hair loss products, yet there is no single one that is better than the rest as they all work best when blended together. Of course getting them into your diet through food will be quite hard, so it is best if you supplement them, especially biotin because if you wanted to increase that through your diet you would have to consume an incredible amount of liver and eggs.