Does My Ex Still Like Me? Know This Before You Lose Your Ex To Someone Else Forever

It may be awkward to ask your ex if he/she still likes you. But if you are courageous enough to ask it face to face, your ex might not confess it because he/she is afraid of rejection. If you can’t wait any longer to find out your ex’s feelings towards you, here are some ways on how to find if your ex still likes you.

Body language – look for signals and signs that say they still like you. However, be careful while reading the signs, they might be false signs of love. And if ever you read it wrongly, you might push your ex further away from you. If your ex is too conscious about his/her appearance when you are around, then it is a sign that the feelings are still there.

Communication – if your ex initiated the communication and always contacted you for no good reason, he/she still has feelings for you. Also, your ex keeps on telling you about what happen to him/her. Your ex also asks for your advice. This means that he/she still care about your opinion.

Interaction – if your ex is interacting so well with you, it is a sign that he/she has feelings for you. Don’t rob it in his/her face why he/she keeps on interacting with you or he/she would hold back his/her feelings. And you will lose the chance of knowing your ex’s feelings for you. Also, if your ex is still not meeting new people, it is a good sign that he/she is still not over you.

Confession – this is the best way to know your ex’s feelings. However, it requires confidence and bravery. To make it easier for the two of you, confess your feelings. Maybe he/she feels the same way too. There are different possibilities but confessing your feelings could lessen the discomfort between the two of you. And at least you already said what you wanted to say.

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