Does Social Networking Increase Value?

Most of us are contacted several times a day through different mediums asking us to join or get involved with a business venture or to buy something we don’t really need. Most of this information sent to us either by mail, television or through websites gets deleted because it is not easy to trust anyone anymore. Many of us have been “burnt” by SPAM and have been involved with purchasing “shabby” merchandise and businesses.

This is why Social Networking works. The idea of getting to know the person first through reading their biography and seeing their face on your computer screen increases their credibility. Many Online business owners have learned how to set up a “Blueprint” of themselves on the internet with the purpose of showing the consumer that they have spent the time possibly writing articles, posting videos and showing photos of themselves and their family so you won’t be intimidated when they make contact with you either through email or phone calls. You will easily be able to picture a face of someone who is connecting with you.

These sites allow people to connect freely about anything. But, most importantly allow you to share information that may be useful to both parties. Many common things shared through these sites are popular recipes, places to visit, reliable mechanics in your area, best place to buy a steak and even great places to go fishing. Some of the most popular Networking sites include: MySpace, YouTube, SlingAd Videos, Facebook and also Twitter. Many successful people are using these tools on a regular basis to add value to their name. Those on Twitter include CNN, Home Depot, Anthony Robbins, Mike Filsaime, Jay Kubassek among many others who have found a way to connect with more people on a regular basis this way while building trust in themselves and their products.

Articles are often found on Squidoo and Ezine Articles. Some popular Community networks are AdLand Pro, Direct Matches and MLM Leadsystem Pro. These tools are designed to help one another build their own networks through the help of others.

Everyday new forums arise and are added with the desire to help others succeed in their Networks. Not all of these are developed to build a business enterprise. Some Social Networkers like the idea of expressing themselves to a new group of followers. This is a way to share ideas across a broad spectrum. Social Networking works. Because of the way most of these sites are set up anyone can research almost any topic more easily. Does Social Networking increase value? You betcha!