Does Voice Broadcasting Have a Place in Internet Marketing?

What is voice broadcasting? Well Basically it is a pre-recorded message that can be delivered to hundreds maybe even thousands of people simultaneously via the telephone.It is a mass communication technique which began in the 1990’s and the systems are getting more sophisticated by the day!

It is claimed that, under optimum conditions, it is possible to deliver up to 500,000 x 30 second messages within the hour although messages can be as short as 15 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. By the time that you read this the information is probably already “out of date”

What are the advantages of voice broadcasting?:-

-Obviously the fact that so many potential customers can be contacted immediately is probably the major advantage.

-The receiver gets to hear your message exactly how you recorded it.You can keep recording your message until you get it JUST right before submitting.

-There is the possibility to get someone famous to record your message. (At a price of course!)

-There are many other uses for voice broadcasting such as surveys etc but we are only considering it here as a promotional tool for our internet marketing.

So what are the disadvantages of voice broadcasting?:-

-Cost must be the main one.

-It is unlikely that the people contacted are targeted for your particular product/service.

-Voice Broadcasting is very intrusive.

By a strange coincidence I have been contacted twice whilst writing this article by two different unsolicited broadcasts so I’m not a happy bunny at being disturbed!

Hey the phones ringing and guess what ? It’s just gone up to three!!

I think this point should have greater emphasis as unsolicited communication can do more harm than good. Having said that it is of course big business so many companies must be having success.

So how does this method normally operate? Ideally the message should be a single call to action such as:- “For more information call …” “Visit www…..etc.

You haven’t really got time to make a strong presentation so the art is to get sufficient interest/attention so that the person then follows up of their own free will.

There are many companies who can provide voice broadcasting services so if this method appeals to you then search the internet.

Text advertising a closely related cousin of voice broadcasting is becoming more popular now and in some ways this is less intrusive.

It is easier to ignore an incoming message than a phone call.

I haven’t seen it used very much by internet marketers as yet although betting tipsters appear to be now using this method increasingly.

Advertising via a fax message is another non verbal “voice” broadcast (eh?) which is still being used although faxes seem to be “a little old hat” these days. An advantage, of course, is that you can “say” more in a fax so you can use proper English which sum peeps will fink is gret! Or a fact that some people will think is great ( for those of you who don’t speak text).

As always please do due diligence.

To YOUR success

John Beaumont Internet Marketer