Does Your Flyer Printing Have Good Kung Fu?

Do you think that your cheap flyer printing is doing any good at advertising your products, events or services? If no one is really paying attention to your flyer printing and you are not getting responses from them, then I am afraid that your kind of flyer printing has bad kung fu design elements. Luckily for you, I can teach you the good kind of kung fu that will help your flyer advertising to be that talk of your markets. Just follow the tips below and learn.

Flyer image kung fu Getting the right image kung fu for your flyers involves using the best images that you can acquire for yourself. This is not just about taking the right kind of pictures from the internet of course. This is about getting the largest images in high resolution that you can for use in flyer printing. A larger and higher resolution image will almost always look cleaner, crisper and sharper in the eyes of readers. Since the images are one of the most important elements that help attract people to read your color flyer, you better always use high resolution images to make sure you have good kung fu.

Flyer text kung fu In terms of the text of your color flyers, the best text will always have special blending and font effects at its side. Plain text just wont cut it these days. You will probably want to use special gradient colors, textures, shadows and 3D effects to make those flyer text pop out and be noticed by a lot of readers. Make sure you remember this to always get that good flyer text kung fu.

Flyer content kung fu When it comes to the content, good kung fu in this area means having content that is really targeted for an audience. It is not just about stating news or marketing information in your color flyers. The best kung fu content for flyers means reaching readers where they are really interested in. You have to show them or tell them what they want to know or want to see. So show them beautiful models or great looking gadgets if they want to, just as long as you squeeze in your marketing content.

Flyer color kung fu Good flyer color kung fu involves using very powerful and noticeable colors as the main theme of your design. Noticeable colors like deep red, lemon yellow and neon orange can really attract people and make them curious about your marketing flyers. So always try to integrate a very noticeable color in your flyer design for that perfect color flyer kung fu. Take note though that you should review other rival color flyers and use the color that is different from them so that you can be distinguishable from the others.

Flyer paper kung fu Finally, the good kung fu for flyer paper means that you should always use the best and most durable materials. Flyers are a very Exposed medium of communication as they are distributed usually outside where there are plenty of sources of environmental damage. So try to choose the thickest and most resistant paper materials to make sure that your color flyers will last longer and look better all the time.

That those are the important elements in your flyer printing where you want your kung fu to be good. Follow the tips above and youll have really powerful color flyers that will do their job well. BOLA TANGKAS
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