Dog Obedience Training Tips and Advice

Dogs are loyal pets. Many people, especially those with families adopt dogs because of their loyalty and affection. But having a pet dog also requires responsibility. It’s like you have another kid at home that needs attention and care. But a dog is different from a human child and you may need proper dog obedience training while your pet is still young.

Many folks are clueless when it comes to proper dog obedience training. This results to confusing signs or signals which dogs may not understand. Vocal commands can also be confusing to dogs especially when there is more than one person who trains their pets at home.

If you are one of the many people who are having difficulty training their dogs, you should understand that there are techniques and mode of trainings that can be used. It is up to you if you wish to hire a professional dog trainer or just do it on your own at home.

If you prefer to hire a pro, you must have a budget on-hand. It is usually expensive since the trainer would charge you per session. On the other hand, if you want an affordable option, you can check the internet for a list of online or downloadable dog obedience training lessons.

Simple dog obedience tips you can start-off with

* Train your dog while it is still young. Teaching a young dog or puppy at this stage is crucial for shaping its relationship with you as well as understanding the simple commands that will be carried on as your dog grows older.

* You may have heard many times that positive reinforcement is the key to make a dog follow a command. This is true for majority of dog trainers since it allows bonding of dog and owner, as well as trains the dog to follow commands without using harsh methods.

Two common positive reinforcements are giving praises and treats whenever your dog learns and executes the command correctly.

* Another tip is to have the basic essentials that you and your dog need for the training:
* a good type of leash- usually a flat leash is recommended
* some dog treats or biscuits
* a bowl of water on-hand
* enough patience
* 10 to 15 minutes of training time

It is important that to remember that dogs get bored too, so 15 minutes of training at a maximum is enough each day while you are starting. And as your dog matures, you can continue with the 15-minute training sessions twice a day.

Some key points when looking for online dog obedience training

* Look for dog obedience training that uses plain English. It should be easy for you and for your dog to understand the commands so as to execute them.

* Remember that the tone of your voice is important for your dog to understand and execute your command. Look for online dog obedience training that offers audio commands for you to follow. It makes a difference if you know the right tone of voice for every command.

* Look for a one-time payment method with risk-free or money-back guarantee. And it should not cost above $ 50.

* Look for dog obedience training lessons that can be downloaded and updated regularly at no extra cost.

* And finally, you should also look for added services or bonuses. These could be added information for training your dog, health tips, as well as food and toys for your dog’s well-being.

Always remember that if you want to succeed in dog obedience training, you should always make each session fun and enjoyable for your dog.