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Leading global provider of product identification and trace back solutions provider, introduced a new generation of domino-style laser line program Coder D + series. Domino D + series laser coding systems will begin in October this year, with its unparalleled flexibility in manufacturing enterprises in China to provide high-quality fine laser marking solution.

D + series following the launch of DSL + series followed by a new generation of laser coding systems, can be paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and other materials to generate attractive logo, print unlimited number of rows and the direction, character height marking the flexibility to choose between 0.3mm to 180mm, the maximum speed of 400 m / min. Domino now offers 10 watts, 30 watts and 55 watts of laser energy in three different series of laser D + Coder To meet the production needs of different users.

Concerned about the overall equipment effectiveness
D + series inherits DSL + Series logo fine, stable performance, etc., while the other PLUS series with Domino as a high degree of concern about the overall effectiveness of equipment. D + series based on the browser and Ethernet communication control system, can be compatible with standard JAVA Web browser for remote control and LAN connectivity for easy, centralized management and control; D + series of intuitive and simple setup wizard, “the See the income “of the operating mode to install, operate more easily, minimize errors caused by manual operation. Domino Laser Business Unit Global Product Director ThorstenFoecking said: “D + series is designed to take full account of the beginning of the optimize design and minimize operator error, by maximizing equipment uptime to improve overall performance.”

Unparalleled flexibility New generation of laser coding system, Domino D + series embodies many years of professional experience and laser technology designed for the tens of thousands of business wisdom of laser coding machine, considering a variety of Production Line Characteristics and needs, innovative modular design more flexible to meet diverse end-user and the identity of wiring business needs. D + series independent of the controller system integrates the controller, and network servers, and industry a common 19-inch Packaging Machinery The control cabinet system is fully compatible, you can overlay placed or hidden, saving production line integration required installation space; new browser-based control software and Ethernet interface allows communication with the host standardization, simplified system integration; flexible The laser head can be adjusted in direction and facilitate the integration of various production environment to meet the requirements; innovative modular design to meet customer’s individual requirements, and facilitate the expansion and upgrade capabilities to meet the production needs of the dynamic adjustment or upgrading; Meanwhile, the flexibility of the design of D + series laser coding systems, and optional touch screen controller wiring business at the same time meet the needs of a variety of wiring. Domino China laser product manager Wang Jian explained: “D + series laser coder easy integration and installation, saving space and have the extension installed, its superior flexibility to better meet the diverse needs of domestic manufacturers, identification equipment domestic production is ideal for enterprises. “

Years, Domino has been truly concerned about the needs of users from the user point of view to develop a new logo design of equipment, technology and innovation for businesses and users to create safety, convenience and ease. Domino D + series laser marking system, marked the advent of concern identified user needs in another advance, Domino innovative ideas put forward the concept of modular and standardized design developed by D + series with unparalleled flexibility, not only to adapt to a variety of production and installation needs, and for the majority of manufacturing enterprises the flexibility to adjust according to market needs and to upgrade production lines at any time provided strong support. BOLA TANGKAS