Don’t Cross The Border – There’s Video Security Recording Going On

It is a documented fact that a mixed bag of 1,000 Mexicans and other aliens tried to conquer the border to reach the US through the southwest rim. The people brave the heat and cold and the hardships just to get across. Some die along the lonely mountains – their motionless bodies captured harshly by video security recording that tells the brutal tale.

Mexico Border Surveillance

Each year, people attempt to cross the US Mexico border. They are not put off by the 28-mile long US fence; they can always find ingenious and dangerous way to cross the border if they must reach the land of milk and honey – never mind the guards, sniffing dogs, garish lights, high-tech video security recording, and the hardships ahead.

As the people continue to take off recklessly, the authorities across the border add more surveillance or video security recording and security people to beef up the rescue efforts, or, in truth, catch the illegal aliens whenever they can. With more guards on the borders, the illegal immigrants take other routes, and some expire on the harsh landscape before they can reach safety.

Each year, people young and old, male and female, die in the mountains from the heat of the day and the cold of night, and they succumb for lack of water and food. The statistics are grim, but the makeshift paupers’ graveyard along the strip shared by Mexico and the US tells the sad end of the nameless men and women who defied the dangers.

This summer border surveillance using bright gym lights and advance video security recording will be operating without pause as usual because summer is the favorite time for the secret mass exodus that keep both sides of the border busy.

Border Surveillance Without Let-Up

The influx of illegal aliens entering the US from the Mexican border have since declined with the installation of more high-tech video security that include ground motion detectors. For those who are attempting to cross the great divide, here’s what to expect:

* Searing heat on the Sonoran Desert that can hike the mercury to 115 degrees.
* Freezing nights in the mountain passes.
* Wild animals and snakes.
* Merciless bandits who will rob you of your food and clothes.
* Corrupt officials who’ll look the other way as long as you pay up.
* Exorbitant fees asked by human smugglers.

Once the illegal aliens start setting out, they have already cast their lot on the dangerous and the unknown. Those who get caught in the glare of harsh surveillance lights or video security recording are tailed by helicopters and caught by the border patrols are immediately sent back following deportation laws. They are more fortunate than those who fall prey to the brutal elements.

Those who are caught are sent to crowded jails along the borders and are immediately dispatched. With stricter border laws, more and more illegal aliens are finding it hard to reach the land of milk and honey safely and in one piece. Yet, the colossus that is the border continues to tease and entrance would-be illegal immigrants coming from as far as Honduras.

Despite all the documented tragedies and deaths, people still attempt to cross the two borders of Mexico – the natural boundary formed by Suchiate River and the US border that is peppered with the latest in video security recording and other surveillance gizmos. Would you still cross the borders knowing what is in store for you?