Don’t Go to the Worldview Store

In front of our mailbox, we have a stepping-stone that says “Bloom where God planted you.” I’ve changed. In the past, I have disliked that saying. It seemed to me that it was giving me a poor choice. What if I didn’t like where I was planted.

Today, I cherish the promise. So what’s different?

Before, when I heard that phrase, I would think that it meant I had to choose to accept a hard life, choose to be less than what I wanted to be. I felt that I could make things better than that, and whoever wrote that saying didn’t understand God.

I was wrong. It was me who didn’t understand God.

Instead of really hearing the message, I was reacting from an independent, “I can do it” human ego, and personality attitude. I wish I could say that it was a fast journey to understanding, but for the most part, it has been a slow progression to the awareness of the true message behind this saying.

It’s simple really, even if we look at it from a “human” standpoint, which most of us do, the idea is we can trust that God would only plant us where we would bloom. Even in the apparent worst of conditions, we could still trust that we can bloom there because we are always provided for, and loved by, Love Itself.

No, I am not saying we will be stuck in those terrible conditions and we must make the most of it. What I am saying is that it is not possible for God to have created any terrible conditions, and when we decide to trust that idea, that Truth, we begin to let go of our human worldviews about what we think we are seeing and see instead the presence of God.

That choosing, that seeing, that blooming, will eliminate those terrible conditions as easily as the light eliminates the darkness.

One thing that keeps us from seeing this Truth and blooming are our mental discussions that more often than not become our outward discussions. It is the messages we give to ourselves and accept about others.

Instead of choosing to bloom – we whine, blame, have regret and guilt and desires for something different in the past, present, or future. We relive the past as if it was the present, and repeat to others and ourselves what we didn’t like, and haven’t forgiven others and ourselves for doing.

The worldview survives by selling us the story that things go wrong, that there isn’t enough, that people are to blame, that we need and need and need some more. It is just like a store, plying us with messages that make us want to come in and buy. It only exists because we keep accepting it and agreeing with it, and stopping in all the time to pick up the latest version of lack, fear, blame, and guilt.

What can we do when we feel as if those who are trying to sell us into the slavery of the worldview surround us on all sides and are stronger than us. We can listen to Elisha who said to his fearful servant, “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” (Bible – Kings 6: 17)

We can accept this Truth and it will begin to heal us of our blindness so that we can clearly and permanently see that the way of the worldview is not the way we seek, nor is it the Truth of our being.

We can rise above what appears as a human personality self, become aware of the omnipotence of abundance, and choose to focus only on what is good, true, and pure.

In our modern world, we are all well aware that it is our perception that “creates” reality. However, let’s get this straight. It doesn’t create, or recreate what God has already created.

What it creates is the worldview, which blinds us to the big R reality of omnipotent good already created by the One intelligent Mind we call God.

The truth is, God has planted each of Its ideas, known as us, in the perfect place to fully express all that God is. Let’s shut off the messages trying to sell us a different picture, let’s not buy this story any longer. Once we surrender our human story, the truth of God’s care reveals itself, and our circumstances progressively match our awareness of the consistent care of Love.

If we are not sure how to accomplish this, we can move to the one thing that always breaks open the illusion. It is gratitude. No matter where we find ourselves, we can find gratitude for what we have, and for the awareness that omnipresent Love is ever-present.

Throughout human history we have been told, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (Bible – John 8: 32) No matter how complicated the human worldview tries to make it, no matter how many lack stories it tells, it remains this simple.

When we know, and live, and speak only the Truth, we are freed from the worldview story, and we will each bloom in all our individual beauty where God has planted us in his perfect love for Its own ideas, known as us.