Don’t Install a “Glass Ceiling” on Your Realtor Coaching Company, Plan to Go Big

One of the biggest errors an entrepreneur can make is not building their business so that it’s scalable. If your company is not scalable, no matter how good you are, or hard you work, sooner or later you will just run out of time. The last thing you want to do is construct your own glass ceiling.

Start your Realtor coaching business with the long term in mind. Do not just slap together a small group of people that will pay you a fee to tell them how to grow their business. A format like this will likely never grow to a very sizable income because regardless of how great a Realtor coach you are and what the demand is for your service, eventually you will run out of time to help any more people.

Instead use your time wisely by doing a little work ahead of time. Create an initial information product that can be sold hundreds or thousands of times over, while you will only have to do the work of creating it once. If you go the route of an e-book, audio/video download or virtual class you will never have to worry about keeping inventory or shipping your product either. This is a huge advantage because it keeps you doing only what adds value to your business, creates income and helps real estate agents, which is creating and selling your Realtor coaching information products.

If you are not ready to start off creating a product then an alternative route would be build a small coaching group first, and in the process of working with them gather information about their strengths, challenges, fears and goals. If you have a strong reputation and willing subjects to be the “Guinea pigs” for your first small coaching group this may be a good route to take as well, but I recommend using this as a method to drum up some ideas, and do some small market research. Make sure that your long-term strategy includes some information products that allow you to leverage your time better, so that you will have the opportunity to grow your business as large as you want.