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Sex is one of the basic psychological needs for human beings. Unlike other animals, the act of sexual intercourse is not only meant for reproduction, but also for pleasure and relaxation in humans. This is what makes human different from animals. Leaving all prejudices aside, sex is the most basic form of human nature. It is the union of two people which is so potentially powerful that it can give birth to a while new life. In our mythology, sex is considered sacred and important. We are, in fact the land which gave the world ‘Kama-Sutra’.
However with the invasion of English people and their forceful laws, sex became a taboo, and still continues to be so. In context of the modern society, visiting a doctor for sexual health is considered a bad sign. On the contrary, a sex doctor or sexologist can improve your sexual health considerably.
The advent of technology and accessibility to various websites has made problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction fairly common among males. This condition may become frustrating and embarrassing sometimes. However, there are successful cures for these problems which do not involve much effort. The common sexual diseases like impotence, vaginismus, pain during sex, condom and contraception can be dealt with easily.
Dr. Bala Ram Babu Sanka is a leading sexologist and consultant based in Hyderabad with years of experience in treating these problems. He is not only considered as the best sexologist in Hyderabad, but is among the best sexologists in India. He believes in combining medicines with counselling and if required, surgery to treat the problem as much as possible.
A sound sexual health and fulfilling sexual life makes a person more confident, burns calories, regulates blood pressure and provides relaxation. Not to mention, it also brings harmony to personal relationship. The hormones released during sex also work on the brain directly and decreases pain. The act of sexual intercourse is important for more than merely producing a progeny, but also for mental and physical satisfaction. Unlike animals, who have a particular breeding season, humans have sexual desires through their life. So, it becomes naturally important for them to fulfil these desires as and when they can. Sexual problems can hinder this process and make the person irritable and frustrated. A timely and thorough treatment for these problems can help you in mending your relationships and gain the back the freedom and control over yourself.
Tasseled Mala Necklace
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