Don’t Take Your Health For Granted Just Because Millions Do

* Is your health at risk?
* Be healthy, your nation needs you!
* Your health is your farming future
* Profit from your healthy habits

Every farmer knows the importance of plant and stock health to farm profitability.

The problem is that many farmers take their own health for granted. They don’t relate their health to the profitability to the farm.

What would you sooner do?

Take time off from the farm for hours, days perhaps weeks visiting doctors, getting tests done, getting treatment, being in hospital and convalescing just to stay alive if you are lucky.

Or would you rather take time off to be with your loved ones, take a well earned rest or maybe to take a holiday?

What would actually cost you less and be far more enjoyable? It’s not hard to figure out.

What is a healthy diet?

The big problem is that there is a lot of misinformation fed to people about the “healthy, balanced diet”. Very few people know the dangers of much of the food that we eat nor are they aware of the lack of value in the food that we eat. Are you?

Did you know that the vitamins and minerals in food have declined by over 50% since 1941 to 2007? Why? Have you stopped to think about it?

Did you know that any crop that has been grown with the need of the protection of insecticides or fungicides for its survival is not fit for human consumption? In fact these foods are a health risk. Pests and disease are nature’s garbage collectors getting rid of inferior foods out of the food chain. Insects are unable to digest what we call “good” food.

Could obesity, ADD, allergies, cancer and other modern day disorders be due to eating these empty foods or maybe it’s to do with the current obsession with eating low fat or no fat foods?

How many people do you know who are told what foods to avoid – like eggs, butter, cream and full cream milk? Well did you know that real free range hens’ eggs and raw unprocessed milk do not add to cholesterol levels, despite how much you would consume? Even good old lard is better for you than these highly processed, low cholesterol vegetable oils that have replaced it. Just like highly processed flour from conventionally grown wheat is bad for you as is refined sugar. The body becomes out of balance and disease begins which may not manifest for many years.

So do you go for the best for you and your family?

Do you eat food that is grown without the need of insecticides or fungicides and is grown on mineral dense, biologically active, rich soils. These soils produce nutrient dense foods which resultantly are high in vitamins and minerals which are needed for good, strong, healthy growth. But then many go and ruin it all by over cooking or worse still microwaving it! Much food is denatured through processing procedure.

At Farming Secrets we have seen the premium results farmers have achieved by introducing inexpensive minerals to soils and to animals and by getting rid of their man made toxic products. In many cases the turnaround has been very quick and profitable. Don’t fool yourself. If stock and plant health improves so dramatically with natural products don’t you think ours would too?