Don’t Void Your Reading Kia Warranty

When you buy an Kia from Reading Kia, it’s important that you understand what your warranty will and will not cover. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with what types of activities will cause your Kia warranty to be void.


Even with the most comprehensive warranty available, not all repairs or maintenance required for your car will be covered. In addition to having a warranty that’s valid for a certain period of time and/or mileage, there are other exclusions which may prevent your warranty from covering the cost of repairs or maintenance.


What the Warranty Does


Your Kia warranty will cover certain repairs, maintenance and replacements for your car during a certain period of time or until your car reaches a certain mileage amount. Like any other contract, if you fail to hold up your end of the bargain, the warranty becomes void.


For any covered issue you have with your Kia, bring it into our Reading Kia service center and we’ll fill out a claim under your warranty. If the warranty claim is denied, the cost of repairs or replacements will come out of your pocket. Here are some reasons why you may be denied under your warranty:


Using Kia Incorrectly: your Kia isn’t a race car, nor should it be taken into the mountains off the beaten path! If you tow things too heavy for your car, the damages caused to your Kia are all considered mis-use of the vehicle. This type of damage is not covered under your warranty and you may actually cause your entire warranty to become void with these activities.


Totaling your Car: if you get into an accident and completely total your Kia, the warranty is not likely to give you a new car to replace one that can’t be repaired.


Environmental Damages: if your car is damaged by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes your warranty may not cover it as it is considered an act of God.