Don’t Waste Your Money on Sediment Water Filters

It is hard to believe that even today many people are using the conventional sediment water filters. If you ask my opinion, I would say it is a sheer waste of money. Let me clarify this with some details.

Sediment water filters are basically used to remove dirt, sand, silt, rust flakes etc. from the water. Tell me, how many times have you seen any such sediments in your drinking water?

If you are getting water through a water supply company then I bet the answer is going to be naught. This is so because these companies are already using a basic sediment water filter to remove all such sediments before the water is even released to your home. If your tap water is already free from sediments, why to waste money on home sediment filters?

If you are living in a remote area and are dependent on well water, then things are a little different. Well water is bound to have sand, salt, silt, rust, dirt etc. So this is one place where sediment filters can really be of some help.

But this is only half as good as is needed.

Sediment water filters are good only for the impurities mentioned above. Be it the water supplied by companies or the direct well water, there are over 2,100 different contaminants commonly found in water. These include bacteria, virus, cysts, harmful gases, pesticides, chlorine etc.

You will need something more than a basic sediment filter to take care of all these impurities. My recommendation is a multi block water purifier. Typically they are equipped with two filters wherein the first stage uses carbon filtration to remove dirt and chlorine and to enhance pH balance of water. And the second stage generally based on ion exchange and sub micron filtration removes all microbial, chemical and synthetic contaminants from water.

Don’t get lured by the cheap prices of sediment water filters. I am not suggesting you to buy expensive purifiers like the ones based on reverse osmosis, which are not even efficient in removing chlorine and drugs. But buy something which can provide real value for your money. Look out for water purifiers which are reasonably priced and efficient too.

So, let the sediment water filters be used in spas and pools – but make a better choice for your home. After all you and your family are going to drink this water. Look out for an effective and efficient water filter and bid goodbye to all water borne diseases.