Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet and Parkinson’s

My mother died of Parkinson’s disease so I know what you go through to care for someone with that disease. Had my father and I known about Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet we would have definitely used them to nourish and hydrate my mom.

Though it is called Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet in this case we would use the cookies and shakes to maintain weight and give my mom all the nutrition we could in the smallest amount of food possible. My Dad was the primary caregiver and I helped as much as I could with preparing meals and feeding her. The type of Parkinson’s she had made it very difficult to swallow so eating was always an issue.

People with Parkinson’s disease require no special diet. Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is extremely beneficial for everyone including Parkinson’s patients. With the proper diet, our bodies work more efficiently, we have more energy, and Parkinson’s disease medications will work properly. Please consult your doctor or dietitian before making any dietary changes.

The diet for a Parkinson’s patient should be a healthy diet like we are all supposed to consume. That means high fiber, low fat low salt and low sugar. Limit caffeine as well because it my interfere with your medications and increase dehydration.

When you have a loved one slowly starving to death before your eyes because they are not hungry, you are not as concerned as you should be about what they eat, as long as they eat something. That is where Dr. Siegal’s cookies and shakes will help you help them.

These products are packed with vitamins, high in fiber, low in fats and sugars. More importantly they really taste good so you won’t have a problem getting your loved one to eat. Some of the Parkinson’s medications can make you nauseous and dehydrated. Dr. Siegal’s cookies and shakes are easy on the stomach and easy to digest. The shakes will make it easy for your patient to swallow while re hydrating them and giving much needed nutrition.

Relieving Thirst/Dry Mouth Caused by Parkinson’s Medications

Just a couple of tips for relieving thirst and dry mouth:

• Drink 8 or more cups of liquid each day unless you have heart problems and may need to limit your fluids. Follow your doctor’s directions.
• Dunk your breads, toast, cookies, or crackers in drinks to soften them.
• Drink milkshakes and thickened juices through a straw to help you swallow.
• Take a drink after each bite of food to moisten your mouth and to help you swallow.
• Add sauces, gravy or olive oil to foods to make them softer.
• Don’t forget about good old chicken soup, or any soup or broth
• Eat sour candy or fruit ice to help increase saliva and moisten your mouth.
• Don’t use a commercial mouthwash because they often contain alcohol that can dry your mouth. Ask your doctor or dentist about alternative mouthwash products.
• Ask your doctor about artificial saliva products. They are available by prescription.

If you are a care giver to a Parkinson’s patient you already know the stress in involved with feeding, hydrating and general overall care that is required. Don’t forget that the care giver needs care too. YOU need to keep fit, eat well and say hydrated too. The added stress can overwhelm the best of us so take time to share a shake or cookie from Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. While it might be a meal replacement for you it could be the best nutrition you can give your patient all day.