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Chen Cheng has received a number of supermarkets

some dairy enterprise renewal Package Or new formulations of the notice

Expected by the end of May before a new round of lift Milk powder Prices Tide

Add a new element, another new packaging, milk prices have increased by 10%.

Recently, some quietly raise prices infant milk powder, milk powder price increases for individual foreign brands more than one percent, and the past is that the milk price increase farewell to “bare up,” the reasons given manufacturers more “full” ??? replacement of the product packaging, and formulations are upgraded.

Market: powder by the “new formula” Dress price increase

5 10, the reporter interviewed found that many brands of milk powder formulations are upgraded, the new prices in general than the original packaging by 5% to 10%. Chen Hequ milk in a supermarket

Sell Area, an old foreign brands of milk products are packaged promotions, sales staff said that because the new products already on the market, manufacturers are busy in the terminal market Clearance.

According to sales personnel, the brand new packaging milk, selling prices have changed, such as: new packaging, a Gold baby milk 900g priced at 204 yuan, while being worked off the original packaging section of Gold baby milk powder 900g price of 184 yuan, or about 10%.

Press note, the brand new packaging, a Gold baby milk, the nutritional content of the external package labeling, packaging, cans, and the size of the original material, as only nutrient on manufacturers to extract the concept that the original nutrient components in whey protein and five nucleotide two ingredients together, special marked as “dynamic combination of gut.”

“A formula is changed a package to upgrade the formula in paragraph 23, added soluble dietary fiber.” Huanggu District, a supermarket insider said that this round of the brand through the dress up a milk price increase, price rise reasons a bit far-fetched.

5 10, more than supermarket milk sales staff told reporters, supermarkets have already received a part of the milk producers of new product packaging or the new formulation will be listed on the recent notification by the end of May before, will trigger a new round milk powder prices surge.

Consumers: The new formula nutrition can not be verified

And milk factory direct price increase on the wave of the “bare up” different, the reporter discovered that the milk price increases mainly by upgrading the new formula.

5 10, press the supermarket milk sales in the area were randomly interviewed 20 people for child buy milk for the milk powder market, this “dress up for party prices,” the wind, only the individual consumer understands, Most people think that manufacturers change packaging, prices out formula is only an excuse to upgrade.

“Milk has only one more ingredient, the product click on the up a 20 dollar, the value of the new formula so much money?” Very fact that the people questioned, manufacturers rely on upgrades to the product price increase formula is in effect up price.

Interview, many consumers upgraded formula credibility doubts.

“The cost of upgrading all manufacturers have the final say, wants to hike up the number on the number, consumers can only become a ‘victim’.” Ms. Lee complained that the public, improved formula of milk on growth and development of children is beneficial, There is no need to add, there is no way to verify the consumer.

Expert: enterprises in the composition of milk “play concept”

Add a new element for the formula, new packaging and then replace the reality of price increases, domestic Dairy Cotton experts said Wang Ding, the state of the milk in the ingredients, quality is a basic requirement, we must meet the basic needs of child growth and development, whether ordinary milk, or add special elements of the formula, as long as the regular manufacturers Its nutritional value is almost similar.