Drinking A Large Bucket Of Water Complaints Surge Warning The Public Of Cleaning

Home somehow the big bucket of water covered with green algae,


The total shares of the water smell, but can not find a reason people frequently Naodu Zi … … This summer, as the essential home

Small appliances

Repeated public drinking fountains


. September 2, Consumer Protection Committee of Qingdao City, an integrated consumer complaints this summer, the overall situation of life, the city issued a consumer alert No. 10, to remind the public drinking fountains at home is the bacteria most likely to “nest.”

>>> Phenomenon of green water in fountains trouble

City, Mr. Liu is the fountain of the North “victims” one. One day in July, Mr. Liu found a big bucket of water at home is not normal, “pan-green light inside the water looks,” Mr. Liu and then to read, I actually found the barrel walls are covered with tiny green algae. Bottled water suppliers to determine this is not a problem with water is a problem with drinking fountains. When staff open the machine, it was found attached to large chunks of wall fountains visible mold, some Black, some dark green.

Ms. Tong

the public beginning in June, a feeling from the drinking water in a stock odor, then the family began to frequent Naodu Zi, 7-year-old daughter cried all day stomachache. “Once water to the master to deliver water, I said the water has taste, he would immediately open the dispenser, which found that the magnetic filter layer are all black, there is a thick layer of adhesive material.”

According to Consumer Protection Committee of Qingdao City, the data provided, this summer, drinking fountains, a large bucket of water and other water safety exception prominent complaints related to 10 times higher than last year.

>>> Investigate clean drinking sale



8 mid, Qingdao City Consumer Protection Committee on the fountain market a special investigation, and in the market


The water dispenser brand up to more than 500 species, few brands can provide after-sale cleaning services. “Drinking the market access threshold is very low, the market is relatively spread chaos over 500 brands in the most non-professional small factories, mainly by assembling parts, counterfeit, OEM, to ultra-low prices Selling Well, not whether cleaning, disinfection , sterilization and other problems. “Urban Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant responsible person said Wang Chau.

2, the reporter visited five-star, States United States


Shopping centers and other appliance learned some big brand water dispenser commitment “to provide cleaning services”, but the specific time of purchase also comes with only a few packs of detergent, while most brands are not washed after-sales service. Subsequently, the reporter has contacted several appliance cleaning company, and said the company only accepts


, Range hoods, central air conditioning and other large-scale cleaning operations, and drinking fountains are a small cleaning service, the company does not undertake.

>>> Question the high cost of professional cleaning services

Interview, Ningxia Road, a bottled water and bottled water station staff stone, said the company has been publicizing of the cleaning business, but the practice is difficult, “water to large, the staff busy, but the main cost or free of charge to customers the cost of cleaning is definitely a loss, but they can not accept people washing charges, so a long time in this business has become a ‘decoration’. “

Then they need to clean a fountain How much cost?

GOME Electrical Appliances

The fountain sales, said Ms Liu, simple to use disinfectant for the disinfection of drinking fountains, a cost of about 2 dollars, “This is just a simple rinse tank, the effect generally. A real professional cleaning is required on the machine an overall disinfection of all circulatory system, but the cost would be 20 yuan price, plus labor costs, estimated at 30 yuan down the would. “

>>> Reminded to use water dispensers, two points

Consumer Protection Committee of Qingdao City, said water dispenser is bacteria, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms excellent breeding grounds, if not pay attention to keep clean and would be a stealth killer to human health. In response, City Consumer Protection Board warned consumers purchase and use of drinking fountains, two points: First, beware of heavy metal pollution, a number of low-cost water dispenser stainless steel liner material used in a very unstable, very easily lead to heavy metal content; second change the water every time, try to clean up their own, to avoid the water, trace elements, minerals accumulate the formation of insoluble particles, also easy to avoid the accumulation of scale within the body, bacteria. BOLA TANGKAS
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