Drinking Water Quality Testing – To What Extent Do Local Plants Test?

Drinking water quality testing is an important part of the filtration and sanitation process. But how often and to what extent is it done?

Drinking water quality testing is the only means of determining how safe the water is that gets pumped into our homes. And basically, we have to take the word of water treatment plant authorities when they say that all the water we use is safe.

But recent tests have not resulted in their favor….

One of the most prevalent problems that has been established by the little drinking water quality testing that has been done is the number of synthetic chemicals present in our water supply. With our use of over 80,000 different chemicals in our society, many of them have entered out tap supplies. In fact, over 90% of all tap supplies contain traces of at least 10 synthetic chemicals and lead!

Lead is the number one environmental health threat to our children, according to the U.S. EPA. They have established that there are no safe levels of lead in drinking water and that any amount can cause adverse health effects- including learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and reduced focus and attention.

Believe it or not, there’s been traces of different pharmaceutical drugs found in tap water! Most people think that these drugs vanish after we consume them, but most of them aren’t even used by our bodies, and just get flushed through our system and down the toilet. And since our sanitation technology doesn’t remove all of these trace amounts of drugs, then end up back in the drinking water supplies.

Shocking, I know!

The big downside to our public treatment plants is that most of the technology used is old and out of date. All they really do is remove all the visible stuff and then add chlorine to disinfect!

And although there have been THOUSANDS of synthetic chemicals found in our tap water, drinking water quality testing is only done for around 100 of them! Lead isn’t even completely removed in treatment plants as well.

But it doesn’t even make sense to spend who knows how much money to invest in better technology because we only drink 1% of all the water that gets pumped to our homes!

This is more the reason to forget about drinking water quality testing and filtration at public plants and take the whole matter into your own hands. They’ve taken the first step to assure our water quality; it’s our responsibility to finish the process.

To do this, I recommend installing a water filtration system in your home like my family and I did. It’s a lot less expensive than you may think too. For only $ 100, we were able to get a system that attaches right to our kitchen sink and it removes 99% of most contaminants found in water.

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