Driving in Snow, Ice and Rain

There are many risks associated with driving. These risks are boosted by the condition of the weather as well. Safe driving is advised when weather conditions are not favorable. This will not only ensure that you reach at your home or any other place safely but will also ensure the safety of others on the road. While at road when weather conditions are not good, you should maintain a distance with the front car.

Drive slowly and don’t let any thing take away your attention.

Grubby road provides enough thrust to throw your car off the road. Most of the time, you are blinded by the heavy rain and are unable to see ahead. Drivers need to be very careful as this can cause accidents. Even in muddy road the dust that is blown often makes you blind. Ice is another factor that can turn in to a source of an accident. So you should drive very carefully in the circumstances especially when the driving conditions are not favorable.

In such worse conditions the road becomes smooth and is unable to provide any friction. The friction between the road and the tire of the car decreases or even is not produced at all. That is the reason why most of the cars gets slip when in rain or in other bad circumstances. The speed of 10 kmph may even be high. Even a small speed like this would some times become difficult to handle due to less friction which weakens the grip of the tires. So when the brakes are applied the car is not able to stop and slips on the road which may cause an accident.

Sometimes you may face circumstances in which your car gets out of your control and starts spinning. Do not get afraid there are still some ways to avoid any mishap and you can come out of this situation safe and sound. The first thing you should do is that avoid applying breaks when your car is skidding. Secondly move the steering in the opposite direction to that of spin. This will help you in regaining the control of the car. Apply breaks softly and leave the breaks if the backside of the car starts skidding in any direction.

Select a car whose control is easy and is easy to drive in snow, ice, rain, etc. This will be helpful to those who are driving in bad weather conditions for the first time. Prefer four wheel drive having antilock brakes. It is better to put chain around your car’s tire for ensuring sufficient friction between the tire and the road. The cars with heavy weight are able to provide more inertia as compared with cars having less weight.

Take necessary precaution steps when driving in bad conditions. Drive carefully when crossing bridge or intersection. Do not take turn fast and maintain some distance from nearby cars.

It is better to listen the weather news before planning a trip and prefer staying at home if the weather conditions are predicted not be good.

It is expected that the information in this article will help you a lot to drive in such conditions. Good Luck!