Drop Shipping- time and money saving

How does drop shipping save your time and money? Read this to find out.


Usually if you sit to edit and post a product’s photos and details it will take up, at least 1hour for a couple of items.If the products are more, it might take you 3-4 hours. So if the product description is already prepared before hand,it would take less time.But the preparing of descriptions,listing and market research would take about 2-3 hours if the Internet speed is fast and if  your describing skills and product knowledge is good.


If you get your products drop shipped you will not need a warehouse to store all the products or do inventory,all you will need to do would be go online, post the item and create sales that is it, that is your only responsibility!The description of the product plus the photos can be easily copied from the the drop shipper or wholesaler’s list or website!


In this manner a few items would only take an hour or less if you utilize the information on the drop shipper’s list.Also the time taken to go to the post office the driving time and money utilized in gas expenditure will be saved.


When you are doing things yourself the entire process will take way too much time as you will need to update the inventory as soon as possible,pack the products carefully, so that they may not get crushed or break, if the product is fragile or could get distorted shape wise,you will have to get the right material for proper packing.Then have them shipped, that is again going all to way and giving your products to get them shipped.


Just think of how much that will take up your time energy and fuel/money.Instead if you drop ship you products, the only place where your time will be consumed will be the hassle free making sales and posting your items online.The time saved there can be easily used in some other productive online business that is home based or to think up some other lucrative marketing strategies to further increase your profits!