Dropshipping Electronics Online

Electronics are the top-selling products on eBay and Amazon. Which indicates that this niche is highly profitable if the promotion and competition research is done right.

New electronics and gadgets get released all the time. Once they are released people come to sites like eBay to find better prices than in stores. So keep that in mind when listing a new product.

The popularity of electronics also means that this niche is very competitive. It’s not always possible to get better prices than your competition, but it’s definitely worth trying to find a supplier with the lowest price.

If you manage to get the best price on eBay or one of the best prices, then you can sell tens of these products within hours. This means that even when your commission is low, you will still make lots of money just because of quantity of orders.

Of course, there is no need to sell only the hottest products. Most of the electronics and gadgets sell very well for a long time.

I would not recommend you to sell faked copies, there are many suppliers who sell those. It’s much better to stay away from them, because otherwise you will just end up with unsatisfied customers who will give negative feedback on eBay, and therefore your sales will start to decrease.

Also, before signing up with a certain electronics supplier you should make sure that they accept refunds. If you sell legitimate products, then you probably won’t see refund requests at all, but it’s better to be safe on that.

Another action you should take before signing up with a dropshipping company is to read all of their terms of service. It’s common that they may have hidden fees. Generally these problems can be easily avoided by using only trusted suppliers.

So, this is it. This is how I have dropshipped electronics on eBay since I started out. The most important part to remember is to deal with trusted dropshipping suppliers only.