Drought Affecting The Gradual Proliferation Of Non-ferrous Mining And Pharmaceutical Stocks Also

Since 2010, persistent drought in southwest Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing drought in five provinces and municipalities continue to increase, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, these five provinces and municipalities are the hardest hit, accounting for drought-hit area 83% of the country. Related listed companies in this hundred years of drought, the damage to? Blocking of this listed company and how the erosion of this disaster?

Related stock movements

Yunnanbaiyao 56.45 +0.921.66% beneficial +0.341.62% Pien Tze Huang Bai Pharmaceuticals 21.33% 36.80 +0.541.49 Yoshimine farm +0.200.28% 71.81% Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power 8.18-0.08-0.97 colored non-listed companies that currently affect Large

A 80-year case of a severe drought for more than a re-hit southwestern Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou in five provinces (cities), districts, in the past rich in water resources, the country ranks third in Yunnan disaster is particularly serious. From the beginning of last autumn in September last year between now, earlier than normal precipitation in Yunnan Province alone 58.8% below normal. In addition to agriculture, the nonferrous metals and mining companies have begun by their Qianlei plates, a considerable part of the power cut-off limit of non-ferrous metal companies, frequent performance of early warning signals.

Yunnan has always been endowed with a well-known as a listed company and the relative concentration of the colored plate, southwest drought affected indirectly, so far the impact has not yet evident. Water and electricity has become a non-ferrous metals enterprises in Yunnan this year’s Fan Xinshi, the location of water and electricity companies can not release all of the capacity. Copper Lead Zinc Tin CNMN.COM.CN nickel, China Nonferrous network, a small metal, scrap metal. Yunnan drought, large lead smelter started operations, most small-scale factory work stoppage. “” “Click to enter detailed

Agricultural section will be subject to “pet” sensation in or push up CPI?

Related to agriculture analyst said that at present fall and winter sowing of crops in Yunnan province have been affected area accounts for 85% of sowing area is expected late autumn of basic food crops, compared with the previous year. Xiaochun grain production is declining dramatically in Yunnan Province will have a greater pressure on food production throughout the year.

Affected by the drought, the domestic cane sugar industry base in Guangxi, Yunnan, sugar production is declining dramatically is a foregone conclusion, the general is expected to reach 1.2 million tons, close to one-tenth of the domestic annual output. One quarter of Yunnan sugar production fell about 15%. GF sugar futures analyst said, “In general, the rising price of sugar from the producing area transmitted to the downstream consumer market in general about two months, so the retail price of sugar may also start to appear and rise in the near future.” In addition to sugar, the The winter planting oilseed rape affected region may also be affected by the drought, which affected the price of vegetable oil, vegetable oil futures prices since early February began to rise slowly, but the reaction to the spot market is relatively flat.

So far, drought-related listed companies on the impact of different production and management. However, earnings of view, income-related businesses in drought-resistant protection full of good. Zeng Yi 40 million shares Yoshimine farm investment-related private equity funds who Jiuding March 22 to accept the securities newspaper interview revealed that, in view of the company’s development strategy and corporate social responsibility, Yoshimine farm near future will focus on drought-related agricultural marketing, especially in Sichuan, Yunnan, the hardest hit markets with volume. “” “Click to enter detailed

Wenshan Electric Power: drought affect performance hope that the rainy season in May

Southwest Province, five hundred years of drought experienced in most areas has been launched to respond to a drought. So what direct drought and water shortage has brought to the hydroelectric industry, what kind of impact? Journalists on these issues listed companies interviewed in Yunnan Wenshan water. Major rivers criss-cross the south-west region is the richest water resources in China one of the areas, according to statistics of Yunnan Electric Power production capacity has nearly 70% from hydropower stations in Yunnan therefore become a major hydroelectric power industry.

“Thing that happened 60 years since the worst drought in Yunnan began late last year from lack of power.” Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power investor relations management, said Hu during an interview, “The impact of severe drought in August last year, had already appeared, mainly under the power plant for the company less because of precipitation, upstream runoff are not sufficient, full load operation, the company’s production management and performance have an impact. “This is something we can do from the company’s annual report published in 2009 saw, performance low than expected mainly due to drought weather, corporate outsourcing of spontaneous small hydro power consumption and decreased 15% and 18%, resulting in a comprehensive purchase of electricity costs 0.03 yuan / kwh, a direct result of lower profits. “” “Click to enter detailed

37 face cuts or crops the next two years troubled by pharmaceutical companies reserve

As of March 17, the southwest province of 5 thousand hectares of crops affected an area of 4348.6, in which an area of 940.2 thousand hectares of crops. The majority of crop failures or never produced, as a major pharmaceutical raw materials 37 listed companies are also experiencing an unprecedented disaster. During the interview, a number of pharmaceutical companies have said the drought, as well as some of its impact on all 37 cuts. Yi Bai Pharmaceuticals relevant person in charge revealed that, due to drought, production of industrial water supply is inadequate, ginkgo, and 37 and other raw materials prices, the company increased production costs.

37 is the main raw material for traditional Chinese medicine. According to incomplete statistics, the country of proprietary Chinese medicine with 37 varieties of raw materials to do more than 300, more than 1,000 manufacturers, covering nearly all of the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical companies, such as Yunnan Baiyao, Pien Tze Huang and other well-known traditional Chinese medicine are in order 37 as the main raw material. Listed in pharmaceutical companies, were affected by the drought influenced the Yunnanbaiyao and Kunming Pharmaceutical, because the two companies of Chinese medicine products, almost all contain 37 ingredients. In addition, and Baiyun Mountain Tasly product compound Danshen tablets, CSDP will also be 37 as the main raw material will be subject to a certain extent. BOLA TANGKAS