DS Lite Carry Case

DS Lite Carry Case has made its own place. It is again that D S Lite effort wonders in giving the eventual entertainment alternative to the video game friends. The D S Lite carry case is more commonly known as D S Lite case or just D S Lite.
Best Features Of DS Lite carry Case

The slim DS Lite Carry Case is constructing from ballistic nylon texture, with a twice layer fleece flap and a scrape free center lining. The back of the ds lite carry case has a self- security device having zip pouch to hold your games. On the external of the flap, choose between our normal black and our decorative design. On the underneath of the flap, choose between black, and pink leather. It has the best feature is Super soft inside layer which keep the DS Lite scrape free, it has the Storage for 6 DS Games. It also having Stylus holder. It also has Rear back pocket and self locking zipper pocket. It has drag band which is used to relieve removing your item from the case.
Usability Of Ds Lite Carry case

The DS Lite is fit into the case and is well sheltered with scrape-free padded coating all around. In front of the DS are three little leather pockets. These pockets can let you trip 6 DS games. Doing this is a much stretched fit. Take away games is very simple. The leather small pocket has a small cut-out at the base to permit you to push the cartridges out for easy clutching.

Underneath the leather pocket is a stylus container. If you have an additional stylus that you might need in case you movable one or just want to use it to hold your stylus.
Best Design of Ds Lite carry case

It’s hard to find a Stylish case now days. There are so many designs on the marketplace but only a few really gratify and convince your needs and your eyes. WaterField is one of those companies aspiring to gratify your needs and to make you stare at over their products. Being able to decide the color of your preference, you also get a choice as to what prototype you want on the front of the case. You can decide moreover a non pattern leather flap or one with the cut out that is like the DS’ directional padding and buttons. The DS Lite carry case is made of flat, spongy nylon with a leather flutter. WaterField offers three different colors to select from and the colors are black, kiwi, or pink for best design
DS Lite Carry Case