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Britain and Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer DSG chief executive John Browett (JohnBrowett) for about to enter the European consumer electronics market, the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer giant Best Buy, brought threats do not think it, and warned: U.S. companies may have underestimated its British rival.

Last week, Best Buy announced a new joint venture with European companies CarphoneWarehouse bold development plans. The joint venture, that is, the so-called Best Buy Europe, plans to open in 2013 at least 100 stores in Europe. The company plans to March 2013 before the CarphoneWarehouse company’s existing retail business base on double sales and profits, that is, pre-tax profit of more than 35 million pounds and revenue of more than 600 million pounds.

“By introduction, I noted that the company’s expected profit per square foot of output and the market rate of return, well above the market level, it is apparent seems to have very aggressive new entrants.” DSG “Recovery Plan “helm Bulaiyite said in the call with analysts. “However, in our view, Best Buy Europe, the level of the company’s future operations are basically not very prominent feature and a significant potential beyond the industry standard.” He said.

“I have great respect for his counterparts from the developed markets but I think they may find the situation for the future than they expected them seem even more difficult. They hit the moving target of course is a master. But If they think their business will be like it is today in markets outside the UK as … Finally, they will be very surprised. “Bulaiyite warned.

However, DSG International and can not be optimistic about business conditions during the first half, according to the company’s Oct. 24 announcement shows: the first half of the Group’s total sales rose 3% year on year sales fell 7%. At the same time, said the company cut costs and capital expenditure in addition, will launch its operations and store renovation program. Notice that: as the renovation, “recovery” plan an important component, the company will be opening in mid November 7 Currys and four Currys.digital new models like Panmunjom, and 40 new model like PC World Panmunjom. The company said the new model called the company store that is sufficient to lead to large stores operating in orbit mega-stores large business district. DSG International The initiative is reminiscent of the Chinese proverb that “its people knew it was a person in his body” at the same time, it is easy to trigger the end of 2006, Best Buy, produces entered the Chinese market, China

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Chain giant said the “five-year study period is not Best Buy” memories. However, the “Trade War as soldiers war”, well versed in Business Competition Road, DSG International, early in the building with a soldier to the block, troubled water “firewall”, for the Best Buy in terms of facing the only option can only be ” only forward, not backward. ” BOLA TANGKAS