Dsm Implementation Quality Forlife Quality Of Life Concept

DSM positive response from the recently issued new Food Safety France, through the quality of food ingredients products committed to supporting China’s food industry manufacturers, to jointly promote the new food safety regulations implemented. DSM’s food ingredients and premix products to ensure customer’s products Raw material Supply full compliance with more stringent safety standards, thus further strengthening the Chinese customers the confidence to guarantee food safety.

DSM ( HC food industry network With map)

Quality for Life TM Quality of life on behalf of the DSM’s commitment to food safety and quality. Quality for Life TM Quality of life is DSM’s unique seal on behalf of its superior quality, designed to convey the quality advocated by DSM and the values of sustainable development is a customer to buy the food ingredients reassure: to ensure that they purchase The products have excellent quality, meeting stringent safety standards and use of sustainable production processes. As a food ingredient supplier DSM can provide security throughout the supply chain, and complete traceability – from product concept, Raw materials Supply to the quality control of production, from product distribution to after-sales service.

DSM founded in November 2008 the idea and began to implement the application of DSM Nutritional health of the entire ingredients product line. January 2009, DSM and China’s main Dairy products Companies and the dairy industry practitioners, including law-makers in Beijing, jointly organized the International Forum on Dairy security. In this forum, DSM announced the introduction of superior nutritional products in China, the new logo?? Qualityfor Life TM Seal of quality of life. China’s dairy industry, high-end dairy associations and government representatives and the authority of departments have been actively involved in this forum, on how to establish a secure system of milk and how to ensure product quality to win the trust of customers such as food safety issues in-depth discussion common improve China’s dairy industry production safety.

DSM China, Mr. Jiang Weiming, president, said: “China’s relevant departments have the authority to act, efforts to implement the new legal framework to improve food safety standards. Food manufacturers will face more stringent requirements, closer supervision and strict recall system. In this case, DSM Qualityfor Life TM Seal of quality of life for the Chinese customers with higher value and indispensable support for our global commitment to quality provides strong evidence to ensure that customers around the world have Unity High-quality food ingredients and safety standards. ” DSM Food Ingredients

DSM Food Specialties to create value-added solutions for customers, is an international food and Beverages Industry-leading professional manufacturer of additives. Actively engaged in the world dairy industry, food processing technology, Juice , Alcohol products and the successful development of functional foods. DSM Food Specialties reliability and traceability of the products fully comply with today’s urgent commitment to the security and sustainable development requirements, we mark in the nutrition quality of life Qualityfor Life Excellence TM Seal is an example. Nearly 1,400 employees active in the DSM world of 25 different venues, fully illustrated DSM Food Ingredients is your true global partner. More information about DSM Food Production See: www.dsm-foodspecialties.com


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