Dukang Normalized Vows Henan Liquor Top Three

How to dispel melancholy, only Dukang.

Has a noble origin “Dukang” brand, after almost 30 years of strife, finally merged. March 29 last year, “Iran and Iraq,” World War, on May 18 this year, the first dealer Assembly Nisshin Dukang debuted Dukang really into the Renaissance.

This is the industry considered the dark horse potential noble brand, plans to achieve 3 years Sell 10 billion yuan, among the top three in Henan.

Extravaganza Initially completed a new strategic integration Dukang

Yesterday morning, the merged Dukang extravaganza Zhengzhou.

Luoyang Dukang Holdings Limited and the integration of the original Yichuandukang Ruyang Dukang dealer resources, there is a background of Zhengzhou miss miss greens, held the first national dealer association in 2010, after combing the national distributor show The Dukang product line and development planning.

2009 3 29, “the Iran-Iraq” war, Yichuandukang, Ruyang Dukang two wineries to form a new Dukang company, Luoyang Dukang Holdings Limited.

A year later, in complete ” Unity Brand, unified management “, the last” unified market “from the form completed.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to fully come to Luoyang Dukang executives, leaders at the city of Luoyang, Zhengzhou miss Foods Li Wei, chairman of the General Assembly has also appeared live quietly, but came hurriedly rushed away.

Concerned that in the previous unified management, unified brand, based on Dukang holding company to achieve market integration, this means that Dukang strategic integration completed.

Strategic planning 3 years sales over 1 billion yuan into Henan Spirit Top three

Yesterday, the scene in the General Assembly at the entrance, an rich wine whose parents came from, many dealers after careful tasting Dukang combined new products, such as the national flower Dukang noble, rich, luxurious series, these are 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan price range of new products.

Many dealers see, these new Package Unified image of the unified brand and unified “Luoyang Dukang holding” produced, this strategic integration, the Luoyang Dukang not only developed a series of 10 yuan the following new products, such as old Dukang, Fu Yan, old wine, family, etc., there are thousands of yuan wine ancestral series.

Behind these new products, new Dukang brewing renaissance of strategic planning.

“This year, we must at all costs fully occupied Luoyang market base, and actively seize the core of the market in Zhengzhou, rehabilitation Dukang, from Luoyang start, we can certainly do it.” Luoyang Dukang Holdings Limited Marketing Deputy Wu Shuqing said.

Dukang under the new strategic planning company in 2010 and strive to make Dukang liquor sales income is above 300 million yuan, doubling in 2011, 2012, and strive to reach 10 billion yuan, a white top three in Henan, Central Plains within 5 years .

“The next three years, all the policies in the province will tilt the market for high-end sales market, even if only 100 million yuan invested 70 million yuan output value, the expense.” Luoyang Dukang, according to the person in charge future development of the province overall market, while greater efforts to develop Foreign market. How to break through brand revitalization Dukang

long way to go

Yichuandukang, Ruyang Dukang Before the merger, more than 20 years, has been in a tense confrontation between the two states, long-term civil war depleted energy.