Dull to Classy

Transforming a look can be tiresome and sometimes completely useless but it can be done due to the fact that many celebrities have done over years time and have come out flawless so why can’t you. Even if you are satisfied with your look there is always a little something more you can add to make it a tad bit better than you can imagine. It can also be so much simpler than you think that it would allow for a great transformation and exposing an inward beauty as well.

Celebrities like Tyra Banks, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie started with dull styles that were not attractive and yet they still were able to grace Hollywood with their charm. Of course during the 90’s many would say that the styles were limited and there wasn’t much to go off of but that’s not to say that was an excuse. With style changes and new and unique designers come about it can get difficult picking and choosing what to go with and what not to go with but for celebrities, being in the lime light it becomes another problem with the media. But fortunate enough these celebrities, they’re styles have evolved.

Take Nicole Richie for instance. A lot of people tagged her as Paris Hilton’s number two, one who couldn’t dress decently and worried about spending money. In her old days for running around in too tight clothing and hot pink highlights. Now that she’s older and committed to her two children and significant other Joel Madden, her style has not only cleaned up but made her a fashion icon that is sought out for her unique style and ideas. Her look now consists of a classy bohemian look that can be described with nice leather brown boots, a crowned hair band, a loose sheik blouse, and some causal bell bottoms. She now gets jazzed up for events in backless silk dresses and adores silk scarves, cotton scarves with jeans and a t-shirt to compile a simple look. Her look is not only fabulous but its something you can pull off yourself. Nicole is a bargain shopper herself so you’re sure to feel great and look great with a few upgrades.

With outdated look such as having clothes that don’t shape to your body as well or having a hairstyle that hides too much of your face can be easily fixed and you don’t need pricely clothes to get it done. Even if you have old jeans that can be spiced up with a silk scarf as a belt or a bohemian look like Nicole you can find at a local boutique or stores like Wet Seal, Forever 21 and websites like womenclothingtoday.com. You can find places like this where the styles are not only fabulous but keep your wallets staying fabulously full. Another way to update your look is to lose the clog looking 1990’s shoes. Some of these shoes can outlive the 90’s but some need to be buried and forgotten. Shoes like some classic open toe booties or madden girl boots are always in season and can be found just about anywhere. But we can update a look with tons of different accessories as well and not just silk scarves, or belts or necklaces but a simple change of color.

Changing your hair color can be a difficult process not in getting it done of course but looking for your color. Be sure its something that suits your and your skin complexion think of neutral colors that aren’t too stand offish. Another great way to update your look and feel fabulous is changing how you wash your face. Yes changing this simple step can give you a burst of energy and allow for a better mood. Hot water and mild soap, that’s it. Keep the temperature not too hot but warm enough so that you pores can open. Drape your face with the wet warm cloth for 5 seconds then wipe gently. After that use a mild soap with cool water and wipe gently. Rinse by splashing cool water on your face. Over time you can find your face not only clearing but you awaiting that burst of energy. Love what you wear and what you do every day with simple easy steps and look like a celeb without the money hassle.