Duracell AA Batteries That Go on and On

Duracell AA size batteries are the most advanced type of non-rechargeable battery available in the market today. The working of these long lasting batteries is based on the alkaline technology. In recent times these batteries have emerged as the most preferred choice of professionals that includes sound technicians, hospitals and those with the police department.

They are known for their ability to withstand physical damage, greater resistance to water and strong adherence to the safety measures. The battery is fully covered with a metal body that prevents the leakage in or out of the cell. The product contains no added mercury and requires no special disposal treatment. Each Duracell battery comes with a minimum of 4 years guarantee and has the expiry month and year stamped on it. They work perfectly well even in extreme climatic conditions of -20 to 54C.

Over the years, Duracell has gained considerable amount of popularity among the consumers for delivering high quality batteries. If you are looking out for a solid, reliable, highly durable battery, you need not look any further. Many satisfied customers are happy to testify the longevity offered by the “Copper Top” version of the Duracell AA size batteries. These are the high performance delivering batteries upgraded with the latest technology.

Ideal for usage in portable CD players, remote controls, digital cameras, toys or alarm clocks, these batteries come handy for almost all your everyday devices. Available in economical 16-count packages for a total of 32 AA size batteries, Duracell offers you a rare combination of affordability and quality assurance. These economy deals offer greater value for money and are perfect for families using many electric devices.

Besides being widely used in houses and for personal device application, Duracell AA batteries have gained huge popularity also among organizations and agencies that use batteries in their operation.