“duties,” Untold Xiongqi Audio Industry Downturn


In the just-concluded 14th Shanghai International Audio Video Fair, the reporter found that professional to do business has been difficult to find trace of sound, many exhibitors have been reduced to sound self-deprecating sound development platform for enterprise entertain.

In fact, in the depressed market conditions, many companies have chosen to switch to conventional audio or business diversification to find new profit growth point.

However, the experts pointed out that although the audio business to switch out of self-interest, but from another perspective such enterprises because of the lack of global audio industry to consider the lack of down-determination to make the product. If the audio companies continue to “duties,” regardless of abandoned audio mess, then the downturn trend is bound to sound long-term sustainability.

Most companies no longer look to sound development

At the show site, the reporter has been deeply felt the great ignored or audio-visual show. In addition to Love waves, Philips, Danish Crown and the Swans and other audio companies also have luxury development on the sound, many sound companies participating last year, this year not to be. But out of interest, some companies which takes sound as a sideline business to do.

Sound Yamaha Musical Instruments (China) Investment Co., Ltd. AVIT Division Deputy Chief of market-based water enterprises the main element in the clear when interviewed, said: “audio show has nothing new element, in this case , enterprises will choose their own way to promote enterprise development itself. “

Agent for Shanghai B & W audio equipment company in Athens Ye Hua Zhou told reporters: “Sound of the marketing model now need a new breakthrough, B & W sound development of non-participation this year is lost because the sound development of the original appeal, and no too many innovative content, while the development of consumer audio and video are also concerned about the heat cool down. “

Some other consumer audio manufacturers also expressed enthusiasm for Dodge, participation is not necessary the views of manufacturers participating in the fair dubbed audio show has become a platform for enterprise entertain. However, the reporter found that no less than a business point of view from their own technology to make the appropriate review.

China Audio Industry Association team leader Zhang Fei Bi, said in an interview: “When the audio industry, high profits, many businesses will flock to capture profits. Once the industry decline, many companies have chosen to ‘body back ‘, the performance of enterprises that is in front of money on the development of a. “

Digital TV bundles obtained by turning

According to report, this year’s Shanghai International Audio TV show based on the increase in the past, the car stereo and the digital home of two new exhibition hall, and this exhibition is to attract consumers to stop the two places. Bundled with digital TV’s audio products, it seems to sound industry downturn offers new comeback opportunity.

Canada Group Chairman Yang Lian in the interview with this reporter said: “Companies should have enough confidence on the sound, only in such thinking led to innovative new technologies, new concepts and new ideas. If holding company ‘fits, and starts’ fishing in the audio market, a left thinking, audio industry, it is impossible to succeed. “He also pointed out that the depth of sound is not deliberate sublimation very good way, enterprises should seize the digital power

As opportunities for development, integration and digital television, while the co-operation to strengthen and channels, vigorously develop specific sound, developed with multi-function digital TV audio products that match.

China Audio Industry Association, Zheng Heling, Deputy Secretary-General said: “The rapid development of digital TV audio to provide a good opportunity for development, while the China Audio Industry Association is also looking forward to sound enterprises can realize industrialization of defeat.”

In fact, two-channel digital television, 5.1 surround sound and other functions for the audio industry, providing an opportunity to fully rebound, while the sound “Pong” television’s greatest strength is to seize the TV audio on the cheap, but on the It all depends on changes in the traditional stereo manufacturers determination and “Pong” in the effort.

Rebuild the confidence of the most important

Industry downturn to get rid of troubles and revitalize the chain of enterprise funds, many traditional audio companies have chosen the industry or even inter-industry restructuring, such as Jakarta, landscapes, etc. into the flat-panel TV market, while the direction of CAV will be placed on expanding culture and entertainment market. Downturn trend to growing interest in business-to-sound small, but a direct result of sound business out of developing new products each year the amount of video drastically reduced, and finally lead to the consumer audio industry doubt that a vicious circle.

Tianjin Institute of

sound engineer Wang true in the interview with this reporter said: “The sharp drop in profits as the market, many sound companies, including many mainstream companies have chosen transition, so that the industry did not form a sound long-term core competencies, leading to sound long-term industry downturn. “

And solve this problem the best way is to develop sound long-term business vision. Transformation of sound business should return to pick up the audio is the main industry efforts in technology and design innovation, promoting industrial development, so as to get the entire audio industry, long-term survival.

Zhang Fei Bi also pointed out that audio industry, short-term profitability is unlikely, but many companies have quick success of the ideas, and this is only short-term interest of the strategic model is not conducive to sound development of the industry.