Duvet Cover Set, Curtains, Colouring, Cupboards and Chairs – Five Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom

When redecorating your bedroom, there are five vital factors to consider to ensure that you create a space you will want to spend time in. Thinking about how you use your bedroom, how much time you spend in it and your sleeping patterns are all necessary questions you have to ask yourself before you begin the decorating process. It is the answers that you come up with that will determine how your bedroom will look once you have finished.

The five aspects of every bedroom which have to be carefully considered are your choice of; duvet cover, curtains, storage, wall colour and furniture. These are what turn a room into a living space by creating atmosphere and making it personal to the people who will be using it. If you get this right, you will have a bedroom designed to your exact specification and one you should be happy with for years to come.

Wall Colour
Deciding on what colour to paint your wall should be more than just choosing your favourite colour. You need to think about how you feel when you go to bed and wake up. If you find it difficult getting out of bed in the morning, a bright colour like yellow will give you an energy boost. If you have trouble getting to sleep on a night time, go for a darker colour, purples are a good choice as are browns. You need to pick a colour that you won’t get bored with after a couple of weeks, so don’t pick a colour that makes a big statement, unless you will want to keep this for a few months at least.

Duvet Cover
Material and colour are the major factors to consider when picking the duvet cover for your new bedroom. Try to pick something that does not clash with the wall colour you have picked. It looks good to choose a different shade of the same colour as your wall which makes a striking focus point. If you plumped for a deep purple for your walls, try a lighter purple for your bed cover. Patterns can look good, especially if the rest of your room is simply decorated, but be careful not to make your room look too busy or cluttered by adding a heavily patterned duvet cover. Remember, it is supposed to be a room for relaxation.

I would always choose curtains or voiles over blinds and nets for your bedroom’s window covering as nets can look too old fashioned and blinds are more suited for a kitchen or bathroom. Lined curtains are a good option to pick as they keep out more light and noise as well as keeping the temperature in your bedroom regulated during the night. You can get curtains to match your duvet covers, colours to suit any room or patterns to create a focus point.

Although they do not like to admit it, men as well as women collect clothes, shoes and accessories on a regular basis, and our bedroom is normally the room in which we store all of our clothing. Although we do not want to fill our bedroom with chests of drawers and closets, everyone needs at least a couple of drawers and somewhere to hang clothes. Be realistic when planning how much storage you will need, if you admit to yourself that you are a shoe-o-holic, install a shoe rack somewhere in your room.

Again, you need to find a compromise between utility and design when it comes to the furniture in your bedroom. Do you really need a chair in your room when you like to read on your bed and get ready in a morning in the bathroom? The more space the better as far as I’m concerned as it makes the room feel calmer. You can also try to incorporate storage solutions into your furniture, for example, choose a dressing table that has enough drawers to store your toiletries and make up.

These are the five most important points to consider when decorating your bedroom. Take heed and you will create a bedroom in which you can relax, enjoy serene nights of sleep and wake feeling rejuvenated.


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