E-mail And Internet Customer Service

In the Internet world, the importance of customer service is much higher than in the ‘real’ world, for there is no contact ‘face to face “between you and your client. All customer must do to evaluate your product or service is to analyze how your site interacts with the (call) on-line and how you respond to their concerns.

Assuming you have a web based end-user friendly and professional design, everything will be in the hands of effective communication. It is not uncommon to find people or companies that are slow to answer e-mail messages a week or more.

In the world of business ‘in-line’ answer an e-mail a day could be considered acceptable. However, if you have the ability to answer the first time will surely impress your potential customers and placed in a position of substantial advantage over the competition.


– The potential client has not yet made a decision to purchase and most likely is evaluating alternative products or services. A rapid response to a question will make your company and offer this to the fore in the minds of potential customers.

– Show your potential customers that you are present and that there is someone behind the ‘store’.

– Customer service is the key that allows you to differentiate from competitors who do not respond quickly.

How can we respond effectively?

– Provide a full response. Put yourself in the “shoes” of the potential customer. What is the problem? What are the real solutions? And give solutions and indications of what steps to take.

– Be honest. If your product does not match the prospect’s needs, or if you can not help you, ask why and offer alternatives. Surely appreciate your cooperation and will return in their search when they need your products or services.

– If possible, do not refer them to someone else. If there is no alternative, to answer the e-mail a copy (CC) to whom you refer and continue to have “ownership” on the customer’s problem or concern.

– Be clear and concise in your responses.

– When replying to an email, it’s always good to include the original message from your prospect or cite specific portions of your message. Do not expect the potential customer remember exactly what he wrote. Many email programs let you do this automatically by placing the symbol ‘>’ at the beginning of each line. For the sake of simplicity, only include the relevant portions of the message. If the message is too long, delete everything not related to your response.

– Take time to check the spelling in your messages before sending.

– It is recommended not post attachments without permission from the other party.

Reasons are?

– Computer viruses can be transmitted in attachments.

The download time of an attachment can be lengthy and the reader will be thwarted if the content does not meet your needs.

– In many parts of the world, people still pay per minute of connection to the Net

– Never send copies of your message to multiple people using the Cc (carbon copy). This will cause all message recipients have the e-mail address of all those you send the message. To replace, use the BCC field (blind carbon copy to), this hides the e-mail address of the recipient.

I could go on and on, but for the purposes of this article I think I’ve covered enough. I hope the next time you sit in front of your computer (PC), this article will help you make the most of this global communication tool called email.