E-Marketing – How to Survive in the Competitive Marketplace

UAE’s marketplace has become an aggressive battlefield; they have allowed the consumers to sit back and relax; and watch the brands slug it out until there is a winner. The companies and organizations, in UAE, understand that it is imperative to have an online business presence and the primary reason behind this shift of attitude is the change in the mindset of consumers.

If you want to survive in the competitive marketplace of UAE, creating a web portal for your business or an e-commerce solution may not do much for you. You need an effective e-marketing strategy that can build your brand identity from scratch to success. A successful e-marketing campaign revolves around 3 famous P’s:

1. Product
The fundamental objective of an e-marketing campaign is to establish high profile relations. A personalized product helps you connect to your prospective customers and, eventually, stamps your brand identity onto your clients.

2. Promotion
An efficient product promotion plan requires a lot of effort and creativity; and, therefore, the internet marketers need to keep themselves updated with the latest e-marketing trends. The conflation of search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns provides an effective resource to promote your product on world-wide web.

3. People
When your product/service stands out, in millions of other products/services, your business grows off the charts. The blend of a personalized product with a customized promotional strategy converts web surfers into your customers and, therefore, has paramount significance to an increase in ROI. The primary focus of your e-marketing campaign is to help you achieve increased website traffic and better conversion ratios. If you want to realize your business dreams, your e-marketing campaign should comprise of the mixture of following strategies according to your resources and your business needs.

Your website itself is a part of your e-Marketing Strategy
Your website design adds credibility to your brand. Along with the aesthetics of the design, the usability, navigation and complexity of your website has chief importance to your website’s marketing ability.

Referral e-Marketing
If you incorporate referral marketing into your e-marketing campaign, you will be able to divert a high profile customer base to your website and, hence, to your product/service. Referral e-Marketing helps you to:

1. Grow Repeat Customers,
2. Establish a strong customer base,
3. Increase ROIs, and
4. Enhance sense of ownership of your customers.

Integrate Auto-responders into your e-Marketing campaign

An auto-responder service (an automatic response sent by email) will help you achieve big figures with lesser resources. These services may include:

1. Newsletters,
2. Notifications,
3. Freebies,
4. Promotions, and
5. Email Courses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

1. Article Marketing
Article writing is an effective tool to increase your website’s page rank. When you write and distribute your articles on other websites having a higher page rank, it creates back links to your website, hence, increasing your website’s traffic and credibility.

2. Use of Keywords
To reach your way to the top of the search engines, you need to use keywords or keyword phrases, effectively, in the content of the website. Moreover, use the keywords in the website’s link, online classifieds, banner ads, forum posts and social networking posts.

Affiliate Programs

You can come up with creative promotional graphics, promotional articles and text links that other websites (affiliates) can use to earn commissions by referring you.

Once you have mastered these techniques, you will have your website discovered by millions of people. In the cut-throat marketplace of UAE, if you create the perfect amalgam of these e-marketing strategies to promote your website, you can be that only winner!