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Topons is your online marketplace for popular RC boats. Here you will find hot new items such as nitro and electric RC boats. You’ll also find information about sail boats, jet skis, submarines, and even remote controlled hovercrafts. Online articles, magazines, pictures, tips, videos, and RC hobby shops will make it easy for you to get started.

 Getting started with RC boats can be cheap and easy. Here is a concise modeler’s online guide to help you choose, build and buy an RC boat for fun, racing, or simple recreation.


Excitement comes from controlling a very fast speed boat. The best choice would be the fast nitro rc boats. Out of the box speed are 25 – 35 mph!

Electric RC boats are also fast, but without the noise. This means you can play in areas where, because of noise ordinance, nitro boats are not allowed. Out of the box speeds are 15 – 20+ mph.

And if relaxation is what you want, then nothing beats the calm of recreational RCsailboats. It’s just you and wind power.


RC boats that are nitro powered can run for long periods of time. A quick refuel and you are back on the waters.

RC boats that are electric powered will usually run for 10 – 15 minutes, depending on the battery pack and the boat size. Smaller “toy” boats will usually run for 30 – 45 minutes per battery pack.

Sailboats are only dependent on the batteries for the radio control system, which usually lasts for 30 – 60 minutes per battery charge.

  Which is Better, Nitro RC Boat or Gas RC Boats?

Nitro RC boats are generally faster but the run time is shorter. The nitro fuel is also more expensive than the regular gasoline / oil mixture used by gas boats.

Gas rc boats have much longer run times, but are usually slower and more expensive. However it is cheaper to operate in the long run because gasoline is much cheaper than nitro fuel.

Factors To Consider About Nitro RC Boats

Speed, noise, and maintenance are important factors to consider. Before buying, make sure you have enough wide open space, as these boats reach 30 miles per hour.

Also consider the noise factor. There are areas where nitro boats are not allowed because of the loud noise. Check with your local city ordinance or village homeowners association.

Finally, nitro boats have engines that require some tuning skills. Unlike electric boats where you simply plug the battery and play, a nitro marine engine has a carburetor, fuel filter, air filter, cooling head, and a tuned pipe. All these must work properly in order for your engine to run. Weather conditions and temperature will also have an effect on engine tuning.

RC Boat Nitro – Popular Models

Once you have made the decision, here are some of the best and popular nitro powered speed boats you can buy online.

CEN uses the term “gas powered” or GP to describe their nitro powered boats. Popular is the 1/10 CEN Grey Thunder and the faster 1/10 CEN Nitro Aqua Jet.

  Buy from RC toys shops and online hobby stores from China manufacturer that have: good reputation, store brand and good merchant rating. Also consider availability of products and the total delivered price.

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