Easy Five Days to Cleansing Your Colon

The 1st day: Try 2-3 colonic cleansing pills which you love, some of them offer a free trial so you can get 3 or 4 for pennies. It will take them up to 3 days to arrive. Prepare a list of a few of the really fat foods that you ate for the last 2 weeks. Which foods could you eliminate from your diet? Write a list of all the fiber rich foods that you feel easy eating. Do not know any? Google fiber rich foods and look for the right foods for you. Try to prepare a diet plan with things you would eat & not eat during the week.

The 2nd day: Has your colon cleanse product arrived yet? While you wait keep that diet as you planned. Now you could add to your diet two to three fruits juices to drink on a daily basis. Start taking short walks after meals.

The 3rd day : By now you probably got the parasite colon cleanse product so read the instructions and go on with the diet, the juices & the walks. If your body starts to flush out build up out of it then it is a super sign, it means that it started cleaning itself.

The 4th day: This step is the most unpleasant because your body is going through a detox procedure and you can experience some pain. The really important rule is to keep going with your plan: the product, the diet, do not break up! think about all you went through, you are more than half way there and you have only one step to go.

The 5th day : Amazing! The hardest phase is over! Now your colon is clean, your colon and liver are in a much better state and you have the right method to keep it clean from now on. Whats next? If the diet was too difficult for you try to ease things a bit but do not loose it altogether. If you can maintain the diet and the walks, and the juices – do so and enjoy your healthy life.