Easy Tips on How to Build a Web Page

Web pages and web sites serve as your own identity in the World Wide Web. With your own web page, you will be able to show everyone various things about you, share your thoughts through blogs, show the recent events in your life via your pictures, and even put up your own business online and connect with various people. Although not everyone is gifted to understand the jargon of computer, you may still be able to create your own electronic identity by following the simple tips on how to build a web page, and be able to have a website of your own.


To begin with, web pages are formed using a personal language called HTML, in which if translated and done properly, will allow you to view the webpage. HTML is made up of various codes that specifically instruct the computer on how a certain data should look like once it is published. Every command in HTML must begin with , and end with a . For writing a title for your web page, for instance, you should first begin with the code before writing the suitable title for your webpage that will show up on the title bar. After writing, you are to end it with the code , which signifies the end of that particular command.


There are particular HTML codes that you should always remember. Before you start creating codes, you must first and foremost type in the code . This will signify the start of your coded program. Make sure that at the very end of your data you write the ending code . When you write headings for the title of your articles, keep in mind that there are different font sizes available for it, with one, coded as


as the biggest, and six, coded as


as the smallest. Start your texts with

, signifying the start of a paragraph, and end with

for you to be able to start a new line. You may align your texts to the left, center, right or justified. You may also experiment with the font colors and sizes, and make them either bolded, italicized, or underlined.



You may also try creating links from your webpage to another. To be able to do this, all you have to do is to write the code for the link and then write a text or two which will serve as a portal which will move the reader to another page. Make sure, of course, to write the ending code after texting your portal words, coded as .


There are many more codes that will aid you in creating a web page. Computer learning is a vast world for learning. Frankly speaking, it requires a lot of time and effort just for you to understand it. But most importantly, it requires patience and determination to learn to fully grasp the idea of computer world. When you manage to do just that, making your web page will be as easy as writing your name.