Easy Way to Recover Data From SD Card

SD cards are used for many kinds of electronic devices, such as cameras, portable game consoles, and media players. They are used to store photos, videos, pictures, games, music, text documents and other kinds of files that can then be accessed by the device for which they are being used. SD cards are handy because they are removable, and therefore provide flexibility in terms of a device’s memory capacity. This feature of SD cards is becoming more and more pronounced as the memory capacities of these cards continue to increase.

The Risks of Using an SD Card

Talking about the risks of using a card may be a bit unusual, since it is actually a safer alternative to using disk drives, which have moving parts and are therefore much more vulnerable to mechanical breakdown. Nevertheless, consumers are still at risk of losing the important files that they store in their cards because they are carried around a lot, and pushed and pulled in and out of sockets, which results in wear and tear. They can also be infected by viruses, their files can be corrupted, and of course, they are subject to human error (which is probably the main culprit in majority of instances). Users therefore need an easy way to recover data from their SD cards.

Dealing with Logical Failure and “Oops!” Moments

If you can’t access your card files, or if they are not running the way they should, then you are either dealing with a virus, file corruption (which can be caused by many things, including viruses) or perhaps you have accidentally deleted the files. Upon reaching this point, most people would throw up their hands in defeat and consider their files gone for good. They may have briefly considered having professional data recovery services salvage their files, but then realized that those guys simply cost too much, and that the whole process will simply be too inconvenient. But what they don’t know is that there is an easy way to recover data from their SD cards through data recovery software.

First of All, Data Recovery Isn’t Magic

Before you begin the process of looking for the right data recovery software, there’s something you should know. Please note that when  you delete the files from your card, the files are not really wiped off the face of your SD card. Rather, the files are removed from the inventory list (so you can’t access it anymore) and the space that it is occupying is labeled as available for future use.

Given this fact, what data recovery software does is locate your otherwise inaccessible file and restore it to normal status. But there’s one condition to this: the file has to remain unaltered until the software can get to it. This means that you have to stop using your SD card right away! Please make sure that you don’t write any new files on your card and follow these steps:

1. Download a data recovery software and install it in your system.

2. Run this software and choose appropriate option to scan your card.

3. Once the scan is done, the software will show you a list of files you’ve deleted before.

4. You just need to select those files and start the recovery process. That’s it!