Eat in World-class restaurants in Delhi

India is known worldover for its authentic and sumptuous cuisines. It has made its mark on the food map of the world be it chicken tikka masala, kababs or other tasty delights. Delhi, being a historical city, it boasts of several cuisines from different eras, these cuisines includes Mughal, Arabic, Turkish, Indian and British styles. Some of the dishes from these cuisines still hold the authentic flavour while others have been modified to suit the modern palates and to compete with exotic food.

Delhi has the reputation of a world-class city and is visited by many international and domestic tourists and business travellers. Delhi restaurants offer unforgettable dining experience in the country that is not only unique but also touches hearts of the food lovers. Restaurants in Delhi serve the best and world renowned dishes that range from authentic cuisine served in world class restaurants in Delhi to spicy and juicy Tandoori delights.

The food served in world class restaurants in Delhi is cooked using modern day cooking styles to bring out the best and authentic flavour of the dishes. Moreover, if you are a foreigner visiting Delhi, you can enjoy food suiting your palate.

These world class restaurants in Delhi serve food from variety of cuisines such as Punjabi food, Lucknawi food, Mughlai dishes, Hyderabadi cuisines, South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Lebanese and more. Since Chinese and Cantonese dishes such as Chowmein, Hakka Noodles, and Manchurian are very popular foods here, you can find them easily in any restaurant in Delhi. While other exotic foods such as Italian, Lebanese or Thai can be enjoyed at speciality restaurants placed inside most deluxe hotels.

Delhi is home to hundreds of restaurants; you can know about them by a simple search online. Moreover, people leave their reviews and comments on these websites about any restaurant and the quality food served and the ambience. You can make use of this information to find a good restaurant in Delhi and NCR.