Eat Right Stay Fit

What does an individual needs to survive in his life? Water, air and food! Food is the basic necessity of ever living being. Food is required for growth, development of various organs. Daily intake of food is very useful for maintaining a certain level of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. All these are extracted out of the food we eat daily. There is a daily requirement of food and one has to supply in the adequate amount. Only then a health level is maintained. Any kind of imbalance in the food intake leads to various problems in our body. There is a direct connection between the moods of a person and his eating patterns. On a normal day a person can eat food that is required by the body, but when the person is sad or too happy then he tends to either eat more than required or eat lesser. So mood swings and stress can directly affect the food intake.

Not eating right or Eating disorder is a very commonly found scenario these days. This disorder can not only be caused due to stress or pressure, but also there are other factors such as professional requirements for example the catwalk models are required to be waif thin to carry out any outfit with grace and lan. This is one of their criteria to move ahead in their career. Secondly, these days everyone wants to look presentable and they go to any extent to achieve that right look. They can splurge huge amounts to change their wardrobe, shell out money to big time to buy the diet food for losing weight and get into a designer outfit, which makes them look and feel confident. Following wrong dietary practice can be very harmful in long run. It can cause many deficiencies due to improper food intake like vitamin deficiency.

The original immunity can also be lost. Various other side effects like losing hair, malnutrition and pale or anorexic look also accompany unhealthy eating disorders. If it is not treated early there could be hazardous impact on the individual. There are various eating disorder centers which offer personalized attention and individualistic eating disorder help. The main reason of these institutes is to deal with the root problem. Hence they believe in counseling. They follow cognitive therapy sessions which give their clients a new perspective towards life by changing their behavioral patterns. Only mind can rule the eating habits, based on this idea the therapists develop sessions to change the thinking patterns and target at changing the perspective towards life through this. BOLA TANGKAS