Eating Pickled Cabbage Fish Can Bring Gastric Cancer

One man was experiencing discomfort stomach for more than four months, at first he thought it was big working pressure , poor appetite, so he always choose their favorite food to appetize himself, such as “pickled cabbage fish”, “water cook fish”. However, appetite therefore didn’t improve, instead , he cannot eat. After checking of doctors at the hospital , he discovered all the stomach diffuse carcinomas infiltrate. Because it has pervaded throughout the stomach, doctors have to remove his stomach to excise. The expert points out that the younger gastric cancer younger has close relationship with unhealthy eating habits and social fast, working pressure, tension. The expert also points out that such patients quantity is many, mostly young gens, whose dietary structure is not reasonable and who are especially fond of eating hotpot, pickled cabbage fish, spicy food, etc.

Why can this kind of food for the stomach cause so badly hurt? Pickled cabbage fish contains a lot of nitrite, which is the effect that cause cancer and is already very clear. Pickled cabbage fish are a vegetable dish people like, but also pickled cabbage is preserved food, containeing more nitrite, which can with amine compounds in human body generate nitrosamines, which is a kind of easy carcinogenic substance, occasionally consumed no relationship, but every day to eat easily to increase risk.

How to avoid excessive nitrite? After we eat these preserved food, if we can eat some kiwi, grapefruit which are rich in vitamin food, drinking green tea, which can block strong carcinogen nitrosamines, the synthesis of a possible way to reduce the occurrence of gastric cancer and oesophagus. Bad living habits is also to trigger young people, developing gastric cancer. Habits and customs and working habits have close relationship. The most common thing is, young people like to stay up late, also have formed often eating supper habit, this is very harmful. Study found that, often eating supper is easy to cause stomach cancer. If often at night we dine, gastrointestinal is not necessary to rest, Food by long periods of stasis in the stomach, can promote gastric juice to the large secretion, gastric mucosa cause stimulation. As time passes, it is easy to cause gastric mucosal erosion, ulcer, immunity. If food contains carcinogen, for example often eating some fried, barbecue, pan-fried, food, which are easier to destroy mucosa processing. Finally adverse effects led to the stomach cancer. At the same time, because the initial presentation gastric cancer is not obvious, a young person ignore gastropathy prevention and causes most young gastric cancer patients when they go to hospital, who are already late and delayed the timing of treatment.