Eco Friendly Water Bottle – A New Improved Solution to Quenching Your Thirst

An eco friendly water bottle is the new great way for quenching your thirst while at the same time combating the negative effects of plastic bottles on the environment. Many city councils have adopted the stance of providing water filters that feed water from the mains rather than providing bottled water for their staff. Unfortunately they still provide plastic cups to drink it out of.

Disposing of the mountains of plastic bottles that are discarded each and every year is an environmental disaster and costs billions of dollars. Besides the major negative environmental effect is the fact that the bottle actually seeps out toxic chemicals into the drinking water and depending on the length of time from bottling to consumption depends on how much toxicity is present in the water.

With this in mind well known expensive brands of mineral water that are transported all over the world provide a greater health risk. When you add that to the environmental costs of fossil fuels for transportation then you can see that any plastic bottled fluid is best to be avoided.

There is of course the issue of the quality of water that is bottled in the first place; some of it is no different to the tap water that you receive in your home. Which we know is not as pure and clean as we would like it to be.

The answer to all of these problems then is to take a proactive stance in filtering your own water at home and then using an eco friendly water bottle to take it with you wherever you want to go.

The best type of bottle are the ones made from stainless steel and from personal experience the best type of water filter, by far, is a multiple filtration system similar to mine. It is able to filter out to nearly 100% all harmful contaminants, of which there are around 2100 including pulp residue that can be traced back to toilet paper and tampons. YUK!

Since having my unit I have found that my water tastes so much better. There is no after taste or strong chlorine smell. I also know that the nutrient level in my cooking is higher because of the mineral content that is in the water and one other benefit I get that money cannot buy, is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re protecting your family from some nasty contaminants.

If you would like to know more about safe water and how an eco friendly water bottle can quench your thirst then visit my website today.

Drinking Heavy Water

I obtain a sample of pure heavy water and give it a taste test.

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