Ecourse Training – Landing Pages and Ecourses, They Go Together

Ecourse and Landing Pages, they seem to go together, don’t they?  There are a lot of different theories about landing pages all over the place.  Some folks say you should NEVER let anyone into your web-world unless they give you their contact info on a landing page.  Others say let them in, even if they don’t subscribe, they may still buy something.  (their theory is the ones that do subscribe would have anyway and the ones that don’t subscribe would never have the opportunity to buy something from you)

No matter how you look it, for an ecourse to be distributed to anyone, they have to subscribe

to receive it, right?  So, an landing page is especially important for your ecourse.

There are 3 major parts to a landing page if you want to make it success.

1)  HEADLINE. Your headline needs to be catchy. Since the stay for an average person on a website is about 3-5 seconds, you MUST grab their attention somehow, right? The best way to do a headline is model others. Use other people’s research and benefit from it. Remember the main goal of the headline is to keep people on your page!

2)  BODY: The body of your landing page needs to relate to the prospect that you are one of them. You know what they feel. Give them something to start to get to know you.  Bullet points are GREAT in landing pages because at a quick glance, that’s what people’s eyes focus on.  Make sure your bullet points are friendly. Heck, audio and videos are a great way to have people stay and they also build interest if you do them right!  Keep this in mind, the purpose of the BODY of the landing page is to let your prospect know you are a person to. You can relate!

3)  CALL TO ACTION:This is the universal term for basically telling your prospect what you want them to do. Tell them you want their name and VALID email address.  Oh, and by all means, make sure you

give them something in return.  I’m talking more that just an ecourse. Give them several items if you must.  Ecourse, Ebook, audio, video, mini guide, heck even a phone call if they want one.

Remember, you are asking them to give up precious information, you had better have something to give them in return.