Edible Oil “going Up” A Price Or Come Down After New Year

Starting from November 2009 to “Lu took”, “Fortune”, “Jin Long Yue” as the representative of the big brands Cooking oil Start connecting Prices . According to report, in early November 2009, the city of Carrefour, China Resources Vanguard, Wal-Mart and other supermarkets had received “Lu took”, “Fortune” issued under two brands Peanut oil Price increase notice, which Luhua Peanut Oil will be EADS were mixed 10% to 5.436 liters of peanut oil press Luhua 5S example, price increases from the 89.9 yuan to 95.9 yuan. Fook Lam Moon peanut oil prices will generally rise from 10 to 15 percent. However, the current round of price increases and there is no “one step.” December 1, 2009, the “Fortune”, “Jin Long Yue,” said the two oil price increase brand again, the maximum increase of 15%, while the press through the survey found that prices are not limited to these two brands, Luhua and other major brands are the list prices. Through this round of price hikes, oil rose an average of 10% to 15%. Reporters saw Carrefour, 95.9 dollars 5.436 l Luhua 5S press peanut oil price increase to 101.9 yuan again. So easy to buy in the supermarket, Fortune 5 liters large Bean oil From 40 per barrel rose to 50, and Jin Long Yue five liters of soybean oil loading from 40 per barrel has risen to 50.

After New Year’s Day, the reporter interviewed a number of supermarkets in Tianjin found that a lot of price increases after the oil has entered the discount sales period. In the Tesco supermarket’s see, 5.436 liters Luhua 5S pressed peanut oil sales price of 99.9 yuan, and other types of edible oil brands also have a few dollars for a small promotion. This time does not mean that the price promotion, but the callback, the relevant person in charge of the supermarket, cooking oil before the Spring Festival Sell In the peak season, prices fell across the board are expected to be after the Spring Festival.

Analysis: seasonal factors Raw materials Higher prices led to price increases

The expert opinion, “two” turns of edible oil during the price increase is composed of a combination of factors. Tianjin University of Finance and the Financial Head Professor Huang Fengyu told reporters: “‘2’ oil price increases during the first seasonal factors. From the perspective of supply and demand, oil is a necessity for living, a greater demand during the holiday season. Therefore, the manufacturers will have a reason for price increases. “

This round of price increases can not exclude the impact of rising raw material costs. Tianjin University of Finance and Professor Liu Zhi was said in an interview: “a large part of our raw materials must be edible oil from South America, Brazil, Argentina and other countries import, because of their soybean production cuts, increasing the price of China’s soybean imports, the cost of increase also contributed to oil price increases brand. “

Professor Liu Zhicai also said that prices do not rule out monopoly elements. He said: “Now the market is often only a few brands of cooking oil to buy in a certain sense, already constitutes a monopoly, price increases together with the conditions. From the beginning last November, also announced several major brands almost price increases, price increases can not but suspect that there is monopoly. “

Perspective: The Spring Festival will fall after the price or

The face of successive oil price increases, most people think little effect on their lives. Supermarket in the city’s more than aware of an interview, and no rush to buy cooking oil situation. Public Zhang told reporters: “a barrel of oil can eat for a long time, no need to buy so many.’s Edible oil market can choose many kinds of price increases do not have to buy the brand.”

Tianjin University of Finance and Professor Liu Zhi was to remind consumers, cooking oil shelf life is limited, people try not to hoard. In addition, he also reminds those who are ready to oil as stocking the units issued to employees, by the end of cooking oil price was at its peak, can take other forms of payment of benefits for employees. Meanwhile, Professor Liu Zhicai also said that in 2010, and South America soybean exporter of soybeans to harvest, so from a cost perspective, the supply is no longer sufficient to support higher oil prices, plus seasonal factors, he predicted after the Spring Festival, Edible oil prices have come down significantly.